Education Webinar library

2024 Webinars - Recordings

May Webinar 2024 - Let's talk travel
March Webinar 2024 - Attendee Financials
January Webinar 2024 - Mastering Merge Docs

2023 Webinars - Recordings

November Webinar 2023 - Making a Splash With Your Event Website
August Webinar 2023 - Taking the Hassle out of Hotels
June Webinar 2023 - Understanding Reports in EventsAir
May Webinar 2023 - Making Gamification Work
April Webinar 2023 - Making the most of Exhibitions and Trade Fairs in EventsAir
March Webinar 2023 - Advanced Abstract & Presenter Management 
February Webinar 2023  - Introduction to Abstract and Presenter Management

2022 Webinars - Recordings

December Webinar 2022 - Taking a look at Version 15
November Webinar 2022 - Event Resources and Services for Your Events
October Webinar 2022 - Accommodation and Dietary Management in EventsAir
September Webinar 2022 - Options for Onsite Check-In and On-Demand Badge Printing
August Webinar 2022 - Exports, Reports and Analytics to Enhance Your Events
July Webinar 2022 - Attendee Engagement & Interaction During Your Hybrid Events
June Advanced Webinar 2022 - Planning for Your Hybrid and Live Event Onsite Technology
June Real World Tips and Tricks Webinar 2022 - Exhibitors and Sponsors at Virtual and Hybrid Events
May Advanced Webinar 2022 - A Deep Dive into EventsAir 12.1
May Real World Tips and Tricks Webinar 2022 - Designing Innovative and Interesting OnAIR Portals
April Advanced Webinar 2022 - Small Meetings? Small Staff? A Deep Dive into AIRCast Studio Lite
April Real World Tips and Tricks Webinar 2022 - Different Approaches to Delivering Content Using the OnAIR Portal
March Advanced Webinar 2022 - Hybrid Events - Do it Yourself or Bring in the Pros
March Real World Tips and Tricks Webinar 2022 - Engagement at your Virtual and Hybrid Events
February Advanced Webinar 2022 - Health and Safety at Your Live and Hybrid Events
February Real World Tips and Tricks Webinar 2022 - A Look at the MCI Canada CSCE Virtual Annual Conference