Version 15.1 SP3 - February 6, 2024

This service pack includes a number of improvements, along with resolutions to various issues documented below.

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This portal lists both planned and updated breaking changes, however these dates are also contingent on other factors including the relevant EventsAir release dates. If you have any questions or are uncertain about the information provided, please contact our support team.


Attendee Financials

  • It's now no longer possible to accidentally move a payment (or refund) from one attendee to another if that payment (or refund) has already been processed. [REF: EA-6136, EA-6247]

    (This was previously a cause of imbalances between attendee and event financials.) .

    So, for example, trying to change the payment status on an item from Purchase to Charge to Another Contact, or vice versa, is now locked if the item’s already been paid for. (The same goes for refunds.) The payment [or refund] must first be canceled, [and the corresponding refund or payment processed] if it really needs to be changed. 

Attendee App

  • It’s no longer possible to accidentally clear (i.e. set to 0) the Attendee App Data Refresh Interval value. [REF: EA-6193]

Express Actions - Progress Error Messages

  • When running Express Actions such as Bulk Change, any changes that aren’t allowed (for valid reasons) are now explained with a screen message. [REF: EA-6267]

Reporting - processing large data sets

  • We have changed how Data Protection Log actions are processed. These changes will help prevent performance degradation when running reports with large data sets. [REF: EA-6100]

Resolved issues:

Accounting Panel - Supplier payments

  • In Supplier Invoice Management, manually added taxes on purchases were shown as included in the total instead of added. [REF: EA-6213]
  • Adding a Net Amount to a Supplier Expense Summary List (by Supplier) wasn’t showing correct amount. [REF: EA-6178]

Agenda Panel - Builder

  • Unable to edit/delete additional tracks in the Agenda Builder. [REF: EA-5297]

Application Setup - Global reporting

  • A caching issue was causing Global Reports to fail to generate, displaying a warning icon instead: [REF: EA-6192]

Attendee Panel 

  • Guests - Function guest details entered via the attendee panel could link to the wrong person, if the guest’s details were already in the system (on a separate record). [REF: EA-5433]
  • Financials - Payments/refunds created on the attendee contact record couldn’t be made in another currency, even if the registration type allowed it. [REF: EA-6277]
    - When creating a ‘New Refund” from the Attendee Panel, details weren’t pre-populating correctly if the currency was different to the event currency. [REF: EA-6284]
    - Edited invoices weren’t showing edited details when previewed from the attendee’s contact record. [REF: EA-6195]

Communications Panel

  • EventStream - Some goal types weren’t able to be created properly in EventStream Manager (Check-in to Function, Visit Stand Type of Stand Type, Location, Trivia Question). [REF: EA-6186]
  • Merge Docs - Guests weren’t receiving table number details in Merge Doc emails. [REF: EA-5309]

Express Actions Panel

  • Duplicate finder - If an attendee accidentally recorded their own details (but not an exact match) as a guest, the Duplicate Finder Express Action could merge them and the contact became a ‘guest of’ themselves. (This guest record wasn’t able to be deleted.) [REF: EA-5311]
  • Print Name Badges - When printing a single name badge, sizing dimensions weren’t followed (it would print full-page). [REF: EA-6241]
  • Standard Export - Table & chair numbers would only show for the first guest (even if there were multiple guests) on Standard or Comprehensive Exports. [REF: EA-5360]

Meeting Matching

  • Country Lists - Meeting Diary and Meeting Preferences App weren’t displaying country search options correctly. [REF: EA-6139]
  • Shared diaries/OnAIR portal - If a registration type included Meeting Matching and a shared meeting diary, but the actual record didn’t share a diary, the OnAIR portal wouldn’t work. [REF: EA-6152]

OnAIR Portal

  • Alias change - Changing the alias of an OnAIR portal would break the portal. [REF: EA-6231]
  • Zoom webinars - Zoom sessions using OnAIR were timing out and giving an error message. [REF: EA-6138]

Online Panel

  • Attendee App 
    - Images (for profile photo or EventStream) couldn’t be uploaded to the Attendee App from Android phones, and gave an “Error 20” message. [REF: EA-6011]
    - Auto-event check-in using beacons wasn’t working in the Attendee App. [REF: EA-5223]
  • Dietary Requirements Portal 
    - Exports from the Dietary Requirements Portal would fail if two or more functions had long names and the first 31 characters were the same. [REF: EA-6050]
  • Event website 
    - if created without any content (no menu blocks), an event website could be saved but trying to open the builder again would result in an error message. [REF: EA-6225];
    Event website - Agenda display 
    - If an agenda session’s local timezone was changed AND if the new session time was between midnight and the original start time, the track number for the session would default to “Track #1”. [REF: EA-3233]
    - Default styling for a tabbed agenda made some items white-on-white or otherwise hard to see. [REF: EA-6223]
    - The number of agenda tracks per day would default to the maximum number of tracks for the whole event. [REF: EA-5703]
    - In Firefox, a Tabbed Agenda with 5 tracks didn’t have a horizontal scroll bar (so the 5th track couldn’t be seen). [REF: EA-6224]
  • Interactive (registration) site
    Register for sessions (concurrent sessions) 
    - if a pair of concurrent sessions had logic applied so attendees could choose just one, both sessions in the pair were being hidden instead of just one. [REF: EA-5929]
    Groups of radio buttons 
    - On an interactive site page with several groups of radio buttons for Contact Custom Field (tags), an attendee was able to select a button in just one of the groups and still proceed to the next page. (They should only be able to proceed if they select one from each group.) [REF: EA-3408]
    Long custom fields 
    - The full text for long custom field labels or answers couldn’t be seen in either Panel or Curved design themes. (Now, hovering over a custom field name will show the full text; when entering a long response inside a custom field, cursor can be moved to show all text.) [REF: EA-2239]
    Discount codes 
    - The ‘Require Discount Code’ setting wasn’t working on interactive sites (not marked as mandatory and would still allow function registrations even if the discount code was incorrect / not supplied). [REF: EA-5946]
    Function waitlists 
    - If a function was full and the waitlist was activated, it wasn’t possible to change the display name (text in the ‘field name’ for that fee type) on the registration site. [REF: EA-6226];
    - If a waitlist for a function was enabled on a registration site, but the payment status “waitlist purchase” wasn’t enabled for the relevant fee type (in Setup), waitlist payments looked like they were going through but weren’t being recorded. [REF: EA-6215]
    Visibility of sessions & functions 
    - For some items on interactive sites (especially Agenda Sessions and Function Fee Types), visibility dates and times were being treated as UTC + 0 instead of the event time zone. [REF: EA-5978 & EA-5898]
    Site submission action emails 
    - On an interactive site including a payable item, if two different merge doc emails were set up as ‘site submission actions’ (i.e. email to attendee AND email to a third party), a duplicate invoice was being created. To prevent this, the third-party email is now sent several minutes later. [REF: EA-5757]
  • Organizer App 
    - Function and Session check-in via the Organizer App wasn't recording the date and time when the attendee was scanned. The check-in counts/indicator in the app were displaying correctly but the indicator would re-set when the check in module was closed and re-opened. [REF: EA-6202]

Payments - all modules

  • Split charges - various issues [REF: EA-6276]
    - When selecting split charge as payment status, then selecting a record for the Other contact, split amount field wasn’t defaulting to total amount; in Member Contact Store or Sponsorship module, if split charge was the payment status, the split amount wasn’t mandatory and wasn’t saving correctly; in the Exhibition module, choosing Split Charge would cause EventsAir to become unresponsive; in the Bulk Change Express Action, Split Charge shouldn’t have been a valid option and has been removed.

Reporting Panel

  • Itineraries - Some missing items within the Itinerary Report editor “Itinerary Items” selection.  [REF: EA-6201]
  • Quick Reports - Some options for Quick Reports (sub-heading, some module selections) weren’t saving when either the report or browser was closed. [REF: EA-5980]
  • Previews - Sub-headings weren’t appearing in report preview (unless it was PDF preview).  This was happening in the Reporting panel and the Attendee panel (Print Personalized Documents tool.) [REF: EA-6216, EA-6217]

Reporting & Name badges

  • The Expression Editor wasn’t working (text couldn’t be typed into it). [REF: EA-6196]
  • Fields within the Report Editor weren’t showing as the correct field type. [REF: EA-6204]
  • In the Name Badge Editor, (Setup Panel): modules were missing [REF: EA-6203]; Exhibition Name Badges couldn't be created [REF: EA-6212]; and changes to name badges couldn’t be saved if the original badge was created before the release of Version 15.1. [REF: EA-6197]

Setup Panel

  • Financial (Invoice layout) - Editing the invoice layout could affect the data mapping for payment items, causing some line items to not display correctly on attendee invoices. [REF: EA-6200]
  • Multi-currency - When 5+ currencies were enabled, changes to the cost of an item in one currency could also change another currency amount. [REF: EA-6255]