Agenda - overview

EventsAir makes it easy to create a detailed agenda with general sessions, break-out sessions, functions, activities and extra information. 

Drag and drop features make building, editing and managing your agenda straightforward and simple.

You can publish the agenda on your event's website, in Merge Docs and the Attendee App, and when you make changes, they'll update instantly in the published locations.

What's the Lock/Unlock Symbol in the top left? If you're seeing this, you're an EventsAir user with Administrator rights, or you've been given permission to lock some areas of EventsAir. Once locked, other users can't create new items in the Agenda (unless they have the same permissions). This can help stop inexperienced users making unwanted changes in your carefully-configured Agenda. 

Why can't I add a new item to the agenda? 
You'll need to toggle the 'locked' symbol to unlocked, or ask your EventsAir Administrator to do this.

  • Headings - create bold headings on top of a column/multiple columns when running concurrent sessions or tracks. You can click on each heading and edit the heading details.
  • Functions - is integrated with the Functions module: you can define a function, function group, date and time, location, and other details as needed. (However, you'll need to set up function fee types in the Functions module.) What you create here will show in the Functions module, and what you create in the Functions module will show in your agenda.
  • Sessions - is integrated with the Presentations module, and works the same way as Functions - you can define all session details such as date and time, location, room setup, AV requirements, chairpersons, reviewers, and other details as needed, and these will appear in the Presentations module. (What you create in the Presentations module will also appear in your agenda.) 
  • Activity/Breaks - used to create Activity and Break information for the agenda, including name, date and time, location, setup details, food and beverage details, and AV requirements.
  • Information - extra information your attendees might need when reading the agenda can be added here.
  • Adding Agenda Items
  • Using the Agenda Builder
  • Agenda Headings
  • Creating Functions & Sessions in the Agenda panel
  • Creating breaks/activities
  • Adding extra information

Read more about the above agenda panel features in this article.