Online Panel - overview

Online is where the action is, and EventsAir makes it easy to be online in a variety of useful ways. The sections you can access are:

  • Event Website - this is where you can build an event website to support your event
  • Interactive Sites - this is where you build and maintain all of your Interactive Sites.
  • Mobile Apps - this is where you configure, build and publish both your Mobile Attendee App and your Mobile Organizer App.
  • App Store - this feature lets you add additional functionality with specialized apps. Both the publishers of EventsAir and other third-party developers can build apps for EventsAir.

Event Website Builder Tool

The Event Website Builder Tool lets you build a single page or multi-page responsive Event Website to promote your event or meeting. The drag and drop environment allows you to quickly build attractive sites with hundreds of pre-built components to choose from.

To learn more, please visit the section on the Event Website Builder Tool.

Interactive Sites

An Interactive Site can be configured to capture rich data including contact information, hotel bookings, payments, registration types, and marketing data, and also checks bookings against remaining inventory levels in real time. The Interactive Sites are supported by all current browsers, and are optimized for all desktop and mobile devices, making it easy for attendees to register. It features Form Logic, which automatically bypasses collecting specific information according to the parameters you set up. For example, if an attendee registers for the first day only, the form will skip questions regarding activities on subsequent days. The Interactive Sites are easy to set up, and you can host the form on one of our predefined URLs, or use your own URL. The form allows you to collect unlimited information, and you can easily customize its look & feel to match an organization's brand.

See Creating an Interactive Site for complete instructions on using this feature.

Mobile Apps

Two extremely useful tools within the Online panel are the Mobile Attendee App and the Mobile Organizer App.

The Mobile Attendee App allows you to communicate directly with all attendees or selected attendees. You can build this app in less than five minutes, and some functions do not require the internet, so attendees are not hampered by slow connection speeds. When attendees load the app, they receive all of the information they need, such as their daily schedules and session data. They can also search for attendees and message one another. You can even load in local information for them, such as restaurants, and points of interest. 

The Mobile Organizer App demonstrates our commitment to event organizers. This powerful app puts EventsAir onto any mobile device, so you can manage the event onsite wherever you go. It streamlines EventsAir down to the features you need most during the event, right at your fingertips. You can get access to the agenda, perform session and function check-ins, monitor your Twitter feed, view live streaming sessions, search for attendees, send out alerts, communicate with your staff, access Run Sheets, run reports, and more.

See Creating a Mobile Application for detailed instructions on using this feature.

App Store

Bringing advanced functionality and portals to EventsAir is extremely easy with the App Store. EventsAir comes with a growing list of apps for a variety of advanced functions and services.

Apps run as stand-alone web portals and can be access on any mobile device, tablet, or smart phone.

A partial list of apps includes the following:

  • Abstract Workflow App - manage and report on event committees.
  • Access Control App - scan attendees and verify access privileges.
  • AV Technician App - allow AV Technicians to manage their own tasks.
  • CE Portal - provide Course information to attendees.
  • CE Instructor Portal - provide Course Instructors details about all their sessions.
  • Client Info Portal - use this app to provide your clients with a secure area to view reports and search for attendee records.
  • Collection App - allows you to record when attendees collect their satchels.
  • Event Info Site - a simple, pre-configured website for your event.
  • Exhibition Portal App - allows exhibitors to book stands and upload items such as company profile.
  • Group Registration App - use this app to let attendees register together as a group.
  • Hotel Portal - lets authorized hotel vendors view information and reports for their property.
  • Hotel Room Availability App - this app provides organizers of events with multiple hotels a quick way to check availability and email the details to groups and other attendees.
  • Live Poll App - display on-screen Live Poll questions to session attendees.
  • Meeting Diary - this app is part of Meeting Matching and provides a portal for attendees and exhibitors to view their meeting schedules.
  • Pre-Scheduled Meeting Preference App - also a part of Meeting Matching, this app provides a portal for exhibitors and attendees to list preferences for whom they wish to meet with.
  • Onsite Portal - this app provides a staffed check-in desk portal, including badge printing and payment acceptance.
  • Photo Review App - review, crop, and even request replacements for attendee-submitted photos.
  • Presentation Portal - allows speakers to upload and manage presentation information.
  • Presentation Prep Room - this app provides an easy-to-use portal for presenters to update details, including presentations, and for AV staff to retrieve the updated materials.
  • Reviewer Portal - allows presentation reviewers to track and update their reviews.
  • Self Check-In Kiosk - this app creates a portal for onsite self check-in and onsite registration.
  • Sponsorship Portal App - allows sponsors to select sponsorship packages, manage payments and upload deliverables such as profiles, company logos, and more.

 Click here to find out more about EventsAir Apps and Portals.


EventsAir provides incredibly useful information by integrating Google Analytics in your Interactive environment.

All you have to do is register for a free Google Analytics account, and provide that information as part of your initial setup. EventsAir will provide you with real-time snapshots of your website visits, page views, and other useful information about your website's usage.

The opening view in Online Setup includes the Analytics Panel. Analytics provides you with a detailed snapshot of your online activity, including:

  • Unique visitor counts
  • Returning visitor counts
  • Page views
  • Visit duration
  • Many other metrics and website usage stats

EventsAir Analytics is integrated with and driven by Google Analytics, a free service provided by Google. There is no cost to obtain this service, just a free subscription to the service.

Analytics are quickly configured in Application Setup.