What's New in EventsAir 15

EventsAir Version 15 Release Video

Remote Attendee Portal

Using the feedback we have received from clients over the last year we have designed a third virtual portal that we have called the Remote Attendee Portal. This new portal provides a simplistic and intuitive way for attendees to access sessions with its tile interface for sessions and videos, with the EventStream always in view. Attendees can hover and see a live preview of the session with session details and presenters, and you can add session thumbnails to make your portal fun and interesting.

Additionally, the portal sports a clean new look for your event agenda allowing for a clear view of upcoming sessions at your event.

Component and Field Logic in Interactive Sites

In EventsAir 15 we have added additional functionality to help enhance your interactive sites using Component and Field Logic.

Field logic allows you to add an inline component to your interactive site where you can set fields to display in your interactive site based on fields chosen previously on the site.

For example, you could have registration types hidden or appear based on whether a Marketing tag or Function was chosen, earlier in your site.

Enhancements to Auto Login Tokens

There are now options to enable additional parameters for autologin tokens in EventsAir 15. 

You can now set autologin tokens to have an expiry if you would like. There are now options for a 7 Day expiry and for a specific date range where the token will expire once it goes beyond the date as well as a no expiry token.

Additionally, you can now set tokens to be single use only, allowing for better control by event planners over how auto login tokens are utilized. 

Apple Wallet and Google Pass Event Passes

Although name badges are great for your in-person events you may not want to print them for your event. As a great alternative, you can now have an Event Pass show on attendees' mobile devices using Apple or Google Wallets.

It is as simple as adding a link into a merge doc and your attendees will be able to save it to their wallet and then use it to access sessions and functions onsite.

Function Discount Codes

In EventsAir 15, you can now create and assign discount codes for functions. Just like Registrations or Accommodation, you can now create a discount code that your attendees can use for function items. Simply set a value or percentage and then indicate the functions you would like the discount for. 

Set Column Order in Exports

Standard and comprehensive exports are a fantastic way to get mission critical data from your event for your clients or stakeholders. With EventsAir 15, you can now choose the order in which the fields in your exports will display, giving you greater control over your reporting. 

Simply create an export as you normally would and then select the Set Column Order options and you can then click and drag each column heading into the order that you would like.

Additional Enhancements in EventsAir 15

Remote Device Manager Updates - For Hybrid Events, the Remote Device Manager allows for screen shares, and audience reactions and provides functionality for a mobile camera (such as an iPad) that can be used as a roaming camera during your event.

Component Naming - HTML, Text and Heading Components can now be named in all builders, including Interactive Sites, Merge Docs, and Surveys.

Do Not Publish Options - Agenda, Functions and Sessions can have Do Not Publish options for the Attendee App, OnAIR and Event Websites & Portals. 

Attendee Panel Contact Name - The Contact Name is now visible when viewing any module in the Attendee Panel.

Surveys - Surveys now have Preview and Delete Options.

Merge Docs - You can now filter on My Agenda and insert a new component for My Agenda calendar details within a Merge Doc.

Exports - You can now export Function Table and Seat Number information in Comprehensive and Standard Exports.

Access to SendGrid - From Status View in the Communications Panel, there is a quick link to open SendGrid. To log in, however, you will still need to obtain your login details from support.

Meeting Matching - You can now configure Meeting Matching to block non-mutual preferences as well as block meetings that conflict with registered sessions.

Planned Communications - You can now set a planned communication to send emails based on the number of days after someone registers for the event.

Merge Doc and Survey Search - If you have a long list of surveys or Merge Docs, you can now enter a search word or phrase to quickly locate your Survey or Merge Doc.

Event Website Dashboard Link - The Event Website can now be accessed from the Dashboard Links widget.

OnAIR Exhibitor Filter -You can now set a filter for those Exhibitors you wish to display within the Virtual Exhibition Hall in the OnAIR portal.

Event Website - You now have the option to display both co-authors or just presenting authors. When viewing the agenda, users will now have a filter option for a keyword search for name, title, track, or theme.

Reporting - A new Communication Log by Attendee Report is now available.

Filter on Blank Fields - In all modules you can now filter on blank fields.

Zoom Integration - If you have groups defined in your Zoom Account you will see these groups when defining your Zoom Connection for OnAIR