Sponsorship module (setup)

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EventsAir lets you manage all aspects of sponsorship including creating sponsorship packages and tracking the sales cycle, setting up and monitoring payment schedules, and offering extra items your sponsors can purchase.  Read more about Sponsorship Management.

When you create sponsorship packages, you can add inclusions such as:

  • Logo placement
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Meal sponsorships
  • Premium booths and booth placement
  • Complimentary registrations & tickets to functions

You can also create custom checklists, and easily collect documents from your sponsors, including logos, branding details, program descriptions, and more.

Your sponsors can use the dedicated Sponsorship Portal to buy packages and upload their documents. Read more about the Sponsorship Portal.

Sponsorship - Preferences (Details tab)

When setting up the Sponsorships module, you can specify what your target revenue for sponsorship is, to help you with budgeting.

Next, choose if the Logo field will appear on sites/portals, and which options will appear in this module setup. What you select will depend on what you want to offer your sponsors:

Optional Fields

  • Company Logo Field - if selected, sponsors can upload their logo (and you can specify dimensions for this).

Optional Tabs

  • Company Profile - will open a field for a sponsor's company profile.
  • Brochures - lets sponsors submit a brochure in different formats.
  • Additional Charges - lets you define extra add-on items that sponsors can purchase.
  • Checklist - lets you create a detailed checklist of To-Do items for managing sponsors.
  • Documents - lets you create fields so you or your sponsor can upload other documents in a variety of formats.
  • Payment Schedule - this is where you can define your sponsor payment schedule, which will include:
    • Percentage
    • Invoice date for each payment term.
    • Terms - number of days to pay.
    • Due dates - calculated automatically from the Invoice Date, and Term.
You can define that "a 10% deposit will be invoiced on March 1st, the next 50% on June 1st, and the remaining 40% on September 1st".  
Read more about Payment Schedules here.

Sponsorship Packages

Packages are what will entice prospective sponsors to purchase. They also help you create sponsorship 'tiers' (Gold Package, Platinum Package, etc.), based on what items a package will contain, such as:

  • Inclusions
  • Additional Charges
  • Checklist Items
  • Documents
Tip: Sponsorship Packages are different from the Registration Packages found in Advanced Setup. Registration Packages are made up of pre-defined registration items, to be used on an Interactive Registration Site.

Sponsorship Packages can include any item at all, not just registration items, although a Sponsorship Package can include a Registration Package, too.

When setting up a package, the fields you can create include:

Sponsorship Package - Details tab

  • Name - the package name.
  • Amount - the cost of the package.
  • Inventory - indicate whether there are an unlimited number of packages available, or specify the quantity that can be sold.
  • Optional Alert - you can create an alert based on remaining inventory and define the alert level.
  • Include Package - assign a Registration Package to include with this Sponsorship Package.

Sponsorship Package - Inclusions tab

You can create Inclusions (see details below), then check off which of your previously defined inclusions are part of this package. You can define the quantity of each item, and its retail value (which is just for giving information to the sponsors; payments are based on the actual package price).

Sponsorship Package - Advanced tab

  • Unique Code
  • Valid Payment Status - the default payment statuses are Purchase, Inclusive, Complimentary, and Canceled. You can also enable additional payment statuses, such as:
    • No Charge
    • Own Expense
    • Invited
    • Not Attending
    • Not Required
    • Deposit
    • Charge to Another Contact
    • Split Charge
    • Waitlist Purchase
    • Waitlist No Payment Required
  • Invoice Group - if you've defined this in Financial Settings, you can select it here.
  • Credit Hours/Points - if you've defined continuing education credits for this exhibition, you can assign points or hours here.
  • Income Account - you can point sponsorship packages to a specific Income Account code here.
  • Tax - if you're charging tax, you can define the tax type and rate here (you need to have created this separately in the Financial module).
  • Cancelation Fee and Tax - if you are setting a default cancelation fee (with applicable tax) you can define that fee here.


This is where you define your inclusions, by giving each included item a name and a value. In the Sponsorship Packages setup, above, you can add multiple inclusions to create a package.

Additional Charges

This section appears in the module setup if you enabled it in Preferences. 

Alongside Sponsorship Packages, you can also create extra items to sell to sponsors. These would usually offer extra promotional opportunities, such as sponsoring a golf tournament, luncheon or mobile app. You can define how these will appear to potential sponsors by adding:

  • Name
  • Amount - cost of the item.
  • Type of Selection - indicate purchase using either a checkbox or a quantity.

Checklist (for Sponsorship Portal)

This section appears in the module setup if you enabled it in Preferences. 

You can provide your sponsors with a checklist of items they need to complete by specific dates. These will appear on the Sponsorship Portal, where packages can be purchased and checklist items can be completed. 

 Checklist items usually include tasks such as supplying:

  • A company profile
  • Printed or digital brochures
  • Room lists
  • Seating requests for a gala dinner
  • Logos and artwork

To set up a checklist item, enter the name of the item, whether it's required by default, and the default due date for delivery.


This section appears in the module setup if you enabled it in Preferences. 

EventsAir will display fields and upload options on the sponsorship portal, based on what you define here.

  • Name
  • Type
    • PDF
    • Uploaded Document
    • Plain Text
    • Image
    • Link
  • Size Limit - lets you define (in kilobytes, words or characters) a size limit for each document type.