Import Data

Import Data lets you bring information into EventsAir from different sources, including Comma-Delimited/Comma Separated Values files (.CSV) and Excel spreadsheets.

  • Using Import Data, you can add marketing tags, link to a Group, and/or assign a Package.
  • You can update existing contacts AND/OR create new contacts (depending on which options you select).
 The columns in the file you upload for the import can be in any order - you just need to match the headings with the correct field in EventsAir where you want the data to go.
  1. Press Browse to select your import file.
  2. You must match specific import fields to the correct field in the EventsAir Contact module. 
  3. Based on the headings in your import file, you'll see a drop-down list of the available fields in EventsAir. Select the correct EventsAir field for each field you want to import.
  4. Tick all "Required" boxes. (The report pop-up after the import will tell you how many records were successfully processed and how many failed to process.) 
If you don't assign a column/heading in your file to a field in EventsAir, it'll be ignored.

Now select any or all of the following:

  • Assign one or more Marketing Tags - NB, you can only do this for NEW contacts. Otherwise you'll create duplicate marketing tags. 
  • Link Contacts to a Group.
  • Assign a Package to Contacts.

Matching Contacts fields

  • Unless you're importing all new contacts, you should select the appropriate field(s) that you want EventsAir to use to check for duplicates.

  • Tick the "Check for Matching Contacts based on" box, and then select one of the below. Options are only available to select if the relevant fields are included in your import:

    - Primary Email Address and Last Name
    - Contact ID and Last Name
    - External ID 

Remember, this is assuming your list includes at least some matching contacts:

  • If you want any matching records to be skipped over, leave the "Matching Options" blank.
  • If you want to update any matching records, select Update Existing.
  • If you want any records that don't match to be added, select Add New (no matching records).

When ready, select "Import".