What's New in EventsAir 5.1

Native Mobile Attendee App

Creating and publishing your mobile attendee app has never been easier! 

You are able to publish your mobile attendee app natively to the iOS and Android platforms, as well as an HTML5 format compatible with Windows and Blackberry devices, all at the same time. This time-saving feature was designed to make it seamless and easy for your attendees to install the attendee app on their devices.

Publication to Android and iOS app stores is handled automatically, and your attendees are able to search for the Event App by EventsAir (or search for EventsAir) and easily download the native version of the attendee app. Once your attendees enter the event code you've assigned, they will be able to log in and immediately use the app. 

They will only see the app for the event you've invited them to view, and can log out and enter another event code to access a different event. 

Exhibitor Lead Management

EventsAir offers a robust and easy-to-use Lead Management solution where exhibitors scan the bar code or QR code on an attendee's name badge when they visit the exhibitor’s stand, and then follow up with custom profile questions, thank you emails and more. 

Lead Management in EventsAir uses the mobile attendee app as the scanning platform to capture and follow up on leads. Exhibitors no longer need to rent expensive scanning equipment from third party suppliers, and can create a custom set of profile questions and thank you emails specific to their organization. 

Exhibitors are able to easily export their captured leads so they can effectively follow up within their own CRMs or internal sales follow up tools. 

Exhibitor Portal Enhancements

The Interactive Floor plan in the Exhibitor Portal is a powerful tool to promote your exhibition and allow your exhibitors to view a live floor plan of booked and available stands. 

The floorplan builder offers you the ability to display additional details about the exhibitors, including an exhibitor listing and a stand highlight whenever you click on a specific exhibitor name. 

You can fine-tune the display of exhibitors by truncating the name that appears on the booth, replacing the exhibitor name with the name shown in the stand signage field, and control the visibility of the organization name, exhibitor's email and exhibitor's website in the floorplan. 

You are also able to publish a live version of the Exhibitor Floor Plan that does not include the ability to book stands. This is ideal if you just want to show your floorplan on an event info website or provide the link in an email communication to attendees and potential exhibitors. 

Global Reporting

With Global Reports you are able to search, filter and report on data across multiple events. You are able to choose which events you wish to report on and select reports for Events, Financials, Suppliers and Users. 

This powerful functionality lets you report details across multiple events, and you can filter on many different aspects, such as start and end dates, event groups and more. 

Financial reporting across multiple events is easy to accomplish with the ability to filter across funding types, payment types/dates, receipt creation dates and payment batches. 

You can search and filter on Suppliers based on supplier types, brands, chains and other criteria, and users can be searched based on roles in your organization, user status and other demographic details. 

Data Snapshots

Data Snaphots are an additional tool for developing complex reports and exports. A "Snapshot" is a capture of the results from a specific search, such as a search for "All Monday Only Registrations."

 This search is captured for a temporary time frame, and can be incorporated into additional searches, such as "Attendees Registered for the Golf Tournament" and "All Guests Staying at the Marriott Hotel." 

Appending the new search results with a snapshot would result in in a combined search of "All Monday Only Delegates AND are Registered for the Golf Tournament AND Staying at the Marriott Hotel." These are three unique searches combined into a single snapshot that can be used for reporting, exporting, and communications.

Calendar Reminder Link

As part of Interactive Sites, you are able to add a Calendar Reminder link to your Thank You page of an online registration form as well as part of a Merge Doc. 

In Interactive Sites, the Calendar Reminder Link is an option in the Thank You Page section. It takes just a few seconds to enable the Thank You page section, including the ability to send a calendar link to Outlook or Google calendars. 

You are able to specify dates, times, time zones, subject lines and location details that will be inserted into the attendee’s calendar. 

Payment and Cancelation Schedules

Events and conferences can have different payment and cancelation schedules for different areas such as registrations, functions, accommodation and travel. EventsAir streamlines and organizes the complexities of managing these various schedules and automates the collection of registration fees and managing refunds.

 Payment and Cancelation Schedules let you define an event-specific schedule of dates and amounts for payments and cancelation fees for Registrations, Functions, Accommodation, Travel, or CE Courses. 

These schedules can also include a form of a written policy, or you can apply a payment or cancelation schedule to all items from a module or specific to one specific function, activity or other item within your event. 

For example, you may choose to define a payment schedule for all attendees that states 20% deposit (payable in 30 days) and the balance due by a specific date prior to the event. You could then choose to override this payment schedule for specific attendee types. The Payment schedule feature also works with your Interactive sites and attendees can choose to pay the amount due or the full amount. 

Hotel Portal Enhancements

The Hotel Portal is a very useful and popular app for your hotel vendors to self-service rooming lists and housing confirmations. 

With the Hotel Portal, your hotel vendors are able to review and update their hotel and room details (including photos). Additionally, your hotel partners are able to view an accommodation matrix for booked and unbooked rooms and view any reports you have designed for their use. 

Multi-Office Management

Offices is an optional function of EventsAir, where you can define multiple locations and user types for these locations. Useful for clients with multiple locations, Offices lets you assign events and personnel to either a group of office locations or to one specific location. 

Personnel can be designated Application Administrator (full access across all events), Office Administrator (full access for location specific events), and User (different roles with access to one or more specific locations). 

There is a fee associated with Multi Office, which is significantly less that subscribing to multiple EventsAir accounts. Multi Office is best suited for companies with multiple locations that operate independently but want to allow users to access multiple offices.

 Additional Tools and Enhancements

Version 5.1 of EventsAir provides a long list of enhancements and new features, not all of which can be presented in detail. The following items are also included in EventsAir 5.1. You can find additional information in the online help system and by contacting your support team.

Multiple Text Message Gateways

You are able to configure multiple text message gateways and assign those gateways to different events as required. 

Custom Report Store

If you purchase custom reports from the EventsAir team, your custom reports can be accessed for any event by selecting the Custom Report Store option. 

Enhancements to Event Info Sites

You are able to add up to 10 custom content pages and up to 10 subpages for each custom page. You are also able to define the order of navigation links as you require and let your attendees print agendas. 

Exhibitor and Sponsor Ranking

You are able to rank Exhibitors and Sponsors into specific groups that are displayed in the Quick Info Site and the Mobile Attendee App. For example, Sponsors could be divided and displayed in groups such as Platinum, Gold and Silver. 

Swiftium API

Customers of Swiftium Lead Retrieval systems (or EventsAir customers wishing to license Swiftium Services) are able to easily connect to their Swiftium solution with the dedicated API from the EventsAir App Store. 

Must Stay Nights in Accommodation Module

If you set accommodation inventory at the hotel or room level, you can indicate specific nights as "Must Stay" so attendees would be required to book rooms on those nights. 

Accommodation Overrides

You are able to selectively override Accommodation Minimum Night and Inventory requirements. This functionality is only available from accommodation bookings added or edited via the Attendee Record. 

New Search Filters

You are able to search on email address (full or partial) and on badge printed status. 

Queued Alert and News Items

If you are sending news and alerts to your attendees at a conference or event, you are able to write these in advance and queue them for a scheduled release. You are also able to review and edit the news and alert content prior to release.