What's New in EventsAir 4.1

New Marketing Email Functionality

EventsAir 4.1 unveils a new way to send emails!

With Marketing emails, you can now easily create a dynamic, graphical email in any external email editor and import it into a new marketing email in EventsAir. You simply use a web-based email editor that is compatible with Mail Chimp, campaign Monitor or HTML 5 and create your graphical email. 

Export it and then import into EventsAir, and you are ready to go! 

You can merge in contact details and insert links to Interactive Sites that can include contact details.

Sponsorship Portal

The Sponsorship Portal takes only a few moments to set up and provides a way for your sponsors to review packages and inclusions, submit required items, and review financials and invoices. 

Like the Exhibitor Portal, you are able to defined the checklist of required items and create payment schedules to fit your business requirements. 

Enhanced Floorplan Selection in Exhibitors Portal

.The Exhibition Portal is a great tool that allows your exhibitors to pick their booths and submit all requested deliverables. The Interactive Floorplan showed exhibitors what booths were still available, but they still had to return the selection screen to pick their booths.

The Interactive Floorplan has been enhanced with click and choose functionality. The exhibitor simply clicks on the available booth, and they are instantly presented with a booth selection confirmation screen.

This provides for a much faster and intuitive process for exhibitors to select their booths and take care of their deliverables. 

Job Codes

Job codes are a simple but effective technique for tracking and reporting on expenses for different parts of your meeting or continuing education courses.

Each course or element of your event (such as pre-conference workshops or post-conference activities) can be assigned unique job codes to help categorize and organize them.

So, you may have all venue expenses flowing into one expense account, but you can use job codes to filter and organize reports so you can track your expenses very specifically 


We've enhanced multi-currency in several important areas! 

Now, you can create currency libraries for the different currencies you plan to accept, assign exchange rates, and easily assign currencies to any item that you collect fees for. 

You can then assign different currencies to different Interactive Sites and Merge Docs.. You can also invoice in different currencies as well. 

New Ways to Access to Presentation Documents

Significant enhancements have been made to allow your attendees to access abstracts, PDFs, Word docs and other presentation documents from your speakers. 

You can now easily provide access to speaker documents in both the Attendee Mobile App and the Quick Website Builder.

Simply enable "Show Presentation Docs" in these areas and then select what documents you want your attendees to view or download.

 Presentation documents can be access either in the Speaker Search or the Agenda. 

Multilingual Enhancements

The Centium team has added significant enhancements to EventAIR's foreign language capabilities. With the expanded Multilingual function, you can now create a master set of localization translations in as many languages as you require. 

These translations can be applied to Interactive Sites, Merge Docs, Attendee Apps and Organizer Apps. Within each of these, you can specify translations to specific areas of the system, such as system messages or error messages. WIth this new design, you can easily create your Master templates and use them in multiple locations. .

New Name Badge Layout

Name badges in EventsAir are extremely flexible and can accommodate many different types of badge layouts and designs.

We've now added the ability to create name badges that draw data from any module in EventsAir.

With this new functionality, you can now create name badges that bring data such as table seating assignments, workshop selections, registration details and much more. 

Track Payment Batches

Payment batches are a way for organizers to categorize their financial transactions for a specific time period. For example, you may wish to run banking deposit reports every day or once a week.

By assigning a payment batch number for a specific series of payments and refunds, you can easily filter against a specific payment batch. This makes your banking and financial reporting much easier to handle, audit and report against. 

A utility in Express Actions will let you open and close batches as required. 

New CE Express Actions

For our clients offering Continuing Education courses, we've added several new Express Actions to provide new ways to manage groups of students at one time. Organizers can now utilize Express Actions that can apply CE credits in bulk. You can select the types of credits to be applied, search for specific courses and the students registered for a given course, and bulk assign credit dates and amounts of credits given.

Additional Enhancements

There are many additional enhancements and fixes in EventsAir 4.1. Some of these additional items include: 

Move Speaker Presentations

if you have a speaker who is unable to attend your conference, you now can easily select a substitute presenter and move that paper to their record in just a couple of steps. Brochures in the Attendee App - Exhibitor and Sponsor brochures can now be accessed and viewed directly in the Mobile Attendee App.

Enhancements to the Event Info Site

in addition to providing access to presentation documents, you can add SEO key words to your site. Also, if you have multiple speakers for a specific session, speakers are now ordered in speaking order instead of alphabetical order. 

DoubleDutch Integration App

DoubleDutch is a third party publisher of mobile apps for conferences and events. Once you activate the DoubleDutch Integration App, DoubleDutch can access your attendee, presenter, sponsor, exhibitor and agenda data live in EventsAir. 

GDS Connectivity

If you use external travel teams to book and manage your attendee travel, your agents are now able to transmit confirmed bookings directly into EventsAir through the Trondent gateway. You will be able to review all submitted travel records prior to final processing.