Attendee management - Dietary

In EventsAir, you can easily collect dietary requirement requests from your attendees and pass this information to your caterers and venues, using a dedicated sign-in portal.

  • You can also define your own library of dietary requirements, and allow your attendees to provide a different dietary requirement if theirs isn't listed.
  • If your event allows for guest tickets (with creation of a new guest contact record), you can collect dietary requirements for each guest during online registration.

NOTE: Since dietary requests can also reflect health or religious information, be sure to follow all regulations regarding personal data management.

Dietary Requirements workflow

  1. Set up a Dietary Requirements library
  2. Choose Dietary Requirements for your event
  3. Collect Dietary Requirements during online registration
  4. Publish the Dietary Requirements Portal and share with your food and beverage vendors
  5. Run Dietary Requirements Reports as needed

Set up your Dietary Requirements Library

You can create a library of Dietary Requirements in Application Setup, then select from this list when you create each event.

  1. Access Application Setup.
  2. In Libraries, click on Dietary Requirements.
  3. Create your list of Dietary Requirements.
Note: EventsAir will not provide a list of default Dietary Requirements, as every organization will have unique requirements for their events and attendees.

Choose Dietary Requirements for your event

Next, select which Dietary Requirements will be listed as options for this event:

  1. Navigate to the Setup Panel.
  2. Select the Contact Module.
  3. Click on Dietary Requirements.
  4. All the Dietary Requirements from your library will be displayed. Choose which ones will be available to choose for this event.
  5. Select Save.

Collect Dietary Requirements during online registration

Next, you will want to include Dietary Requirements options during online registration. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Online Panel.
  2. Open your interactive (registration) site.
  3. In the Builder, expand the Contacts Component.
  4. Find the Dietary Requirements element on the left, and drag and drop it into the site.
  5. Expand the Dietary Requirements item. This is where you can change the labels of the Dietary Requirements and choose to allow “Other” Dietary Requirements requests.

  1. Choose Input Type Dropdown List (Required) or Dropdown List (Optional).
  2. Select Close, then Save.
Note: Attendees can choose more than one dietary requirement during registration.

Set up the Dietary Requirements portal

The Dietary Requirements portal allows you to send this sensitive information only to those who need it, and track who's accessed this data.

For more information on setting up the portal, please read this article.

Reporting and exporting

There are three specific Dietary Requirements reports, and you can target and filter on Dietary Requirements in other reports/searches.

Available reports are:

  • Contacts - Attendee Dietary Requirements
  • Contacts - Attendee Dietary Statistics
  • Functions - Function Table with Dietary

You can export Dietary Requirements and Dietary Last Updated data from both Standard Exports and Comprehensive Exports.

Reports and exports will reflect all variations (combinations) as a unique dietary request.

In addition, the Dietary Requirements Portal can also be used to generate an export.