Creating Pre-Recorded Sessions

Pre-Recorded Sessions

You have two types of pre-recorded sessions in OnAIR:

  • On Demand Sessions
  • Synchronized Sessions

On Demand Pre-Recorded Sessions

On Demand Recordings are pre-recorded and can be viewed in their entirety any time a participant selects it within the OnAIR Timeline. On-Demand Sessions are perfect for briefings and session is that participants need to access at different times during the event.

For example, you may wish to provide an Exhibitor Briefing or an Introduction to OnAIR Briefing that attendees can access and view any time they wish prior to the start of your virtual event.

Synchronized Pre-Recorded Sessions

Synchronized Recordings simulate a live event in that they start at a scheduled time and run in real time just as if it were a live presentation. An attendee who arrives late will see the presentation at the correct point based on the time.

For example, you may wish to feature a keynote presentation from a presenter who lives in a different time zone. When you pre-record the session, you can start it at the scheduled time, and it runs exactly as if it were a live session.

Setting Up Pre-Recorded Sessions

When you are setting up your sessions, you can check one of two options in the Delivery Mode section of the OnAIR settings - Synchronized Video or Video On-Demand. When you choose either option, you will be prompted to enter the video ID of your pre-recorded video.

You will also need to select which video platform that is hosting your recording.

To find out more, search within this help system for "external services".