What's New in EventsAir 11.1

EventsAir Version 11.1 Release Video

EventsAir 11.1 introduces AIRCast Studio Lite, which is a simplified version of AIRCast Studio designed for smaller and simpler sessions. It also includes a few new enhancements for AIRCast Studio.

AIRCast Studio Lite

This new version of AIRCast Studio still maintains the essential tools and functionality needed by event organizers for smaller events and programs. It is a lighter version, but it still allows to produce professional session using AIRCast. 

AIRCast Studio Lite provides:

  • Maximum of 9 presenters
  • Automatic Gallery View with Spotlight
  • Screen Share View
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Quick Play of a video
  • Button to edit Automatic Session End 
  • Lower Third Graphics

The tools and features that have been removed from this mode include Green Room, Live Interpretation, Whisper Mode, Remote Projection, PTZ Camera controls, sharing results from the Live Poll on the Main Stage. and inviting attendees on to the Main Stage. 

This version is highly functional with just essential tools needed to produce professional session broadcasts. 

Other AIRCast Studio Enhancements

To make the productions of sessions more streamlined, we have added the following features:

  • Increased countdown times to 15 seconds
  • Display a 2-minute warning message for presenters
  • A new button to alter the session end time
  • Improvements to Remote Device Management
  • Improvements to PTZ camera management
  • General performance improvements