What's New in OnAIR Version 5.1

OnAIR Version 5.1 Overview Video

3D Mode Website Component

When customizing scenes in the OnAIR 3D Mode Builder, you will now have access to a website component. You can drop in and size this component anywhere you wish, just like you can with other components in the builder.

This component lets you insert a website URL, allowing your attendees to access and view a website directly in 3D Mode. For example, you can show a company website at an Exhibition Stand or in a custom scene.

You can choose to show the website exactly where you place it in the 3D mode scene, or either display the website full screen or in a separate browser window.

Whisper Mode Select

In AIRCast Studio, you are now able to choose which presenter you want to talk with in Whisper Mode. Whenever you select Whisper Mode, you will see the Whisper Icon appear on each presenter’s video feed. Then, you can toggle Whisper Mode on or off for each presenter.

New OnAIR Gamification Goals

  • Exhibitor Brochure Goals - You can now award points and badges for attendees who have visited the brochure gallery, watched an exhibitor video or opened an exhibitor PDF.
  • Visit Virtual Exhibition - Attendees can now earn points simply by visiting the exhibition hall in addition to the currently available goals of visiting a stand and participating in an exhibitor meeting.
  • Join Exhibitor Presentation - Attendees can earn points by joining an exhibitor stand live presentation.

Enhanced Accessibility Options

When a virtual attendee logs into OnAIR for the first time, they will have the option of opting-in for enhanced accessibility options.

When enabled, the attendee will be able to use the tab and enter buttons to highlight areas of the screen and select those options. Action areas that have been tabbed to will show a frame displaying the option or element that is in focus and can be selected or typed into.

If enabled, attendees can use a screen reader and view their 3D Mode environment with high contrast colors.

Authorized Email Selection

Specific areas of the OnAIR portal configuration require the entry of emails for authorized users of that function. In Version 5.1, an “Add Existing Contact” function replaces the need to manually enter the email address of authorized users.

You simply search for an existing contact and add them to the authorized list of users. This update is found in Sessions (Admin Host), Live Support, Control Room, Analytics Dashboard and 3D Mode Builder Access.

Support for IBM Watson Video Player

Exhibitor videos and videos displayed in OnAIR can now display videos stored in the IBM Watson Video platform. This is in addition to videos stored in Vimeo and YouTube.