What's New in EventsAir 4.0

New and Updated Report Suite

We have added 35 new reports and enhanced another 17 reports. The new reports include an Event Statistics Report, Pro Forma Invoice and an Attendee Information Sheet which displays all details about an attendee.

A number of lists also include an option to "Include Cancelations". By default, where it makes sense, cancelations are not included.

Online Registration Alert

If you want to review all of your incoming online registrations, you can add an Alert in the Interactive Site. When this Alert is enabled, and an attendee completes the Interactive Site, an Alert icon will appear in the Alerts Panel with the attendee's name. You can then click on this and open their record.

The number of High and Critical Alerts now appears on the Event Selection Screen. If you set the Alert Level in the Interactive Site builder to High or Critical, the number of registrations to be reviewed will appear here.

Custom Email Domain Per Event

If you need to use a different domain name for emails in different events, our support team can add multiple domain names to your EventsAir configuration. 

Once this is enabled, you can select the domain name you use when you send emails.

Duplicate Finder Express Action

This useful Express Action tool will help you quickly find duplicate contact records and either merge them or delete them.

Event Search

The Event Selection Screen now includes a fast search tool that helps you find an event quickly. Just start typing the name or location.

Presentation Documents in Mobile Attendee App

If presenters upload their abstract, final paper, PowerPoint slides or any other document, these can selectively be included in the Mobile Attendee App. Just go into the Speaker Search or Agenda Components of the Attendee App Builder and select the Presentation Documents you want included.

Expanded Financial Filter

The Financial Filter now allows you to filter down to a time of day that payments were made and invoices/credit note created.

This can be useful if your credit card provider closes your batches at anytime other than midnight.

Agenda Enhancements

The Agenda now includes an additional "Details" field to provide more information about an agenda item. This appears in the Attendee Mobile App and other places the Agenda is displayed. You can also bold Agenda items.

Self Check-in Kiosk App

This fantastic App speeds up your onsite registration at an event. Run it on a computer with a barcode reader attached and attendees can check-in via barcode or QR code or by searching their name. They can then print their name badge and be automatically updated as checked-in. You can also leave personalized messages for attendees and set the App not to print if an attendee owes money.

This great App also allows for New Registrations.