Version 15.1 SP1 - November 28, 2023

This service pack includes improvements and resolutions to various issues documented below.

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This portal lists both planned and updated breaking changes, however these dates are also contingent on other factors including the relevant EventsAir release dates. If you have any questions or are uncertain about the information provided, please contact our support team.


Dashboard - Money Outstanding widget

Optimized code to improve performance when running financial reports for more than 10,000 records.

Interactive (Registration) site

Uploaded files, images and CSS are now supported with upgraded backend architecture.


  • “Preview Viewer” button used to load in full screen. Now, the report loads the data first, and the report name appears at the top left of the screen, with a green tick when the report is ready (similar to how the Preview PDF appears). It's also much faster.
  • For all reports, including invoices, data retrieval performance has been improved.
  • Report editing performance has been improved (DEV Express update).

Express Actions - Exports

A change to how Data Processing Logs are processed makes it easier and faster to run either Comprehensive or Standard Exports on a large number of records.

Attendee App Builder

Builder will still open even if some image data is missing/corrupted.

Resolved issues:

Application Setup, event cloning

When cloning an event, the ‘event policy’ wasn’t copying.

Attendee App

Session Surveys were not appearing in the My Agenda element of the Attendee App for some attendees (those who were scanned in or indicated attendance).

Meeting Matching

Going into an existing meeting diary on a contact record, and adding a meeting or changing a meeting status, was slowing the platform.  

CE Courses (Instructors)

Removing a CE course from an instructor’s contact record would prevent their other courses from showing on their contact record.

Communications - EventStream Engage

  • Re-opening any Gamification Goal would make the Mystery Points and Inactive options appear as enabled (although this was just a display error). 
  • The ‘Restrict DisplayTime’ option in goals wasn’t working correctly (goal stayed inactive).

Communications - Emails

  • Progress bar was not appearing when sending out a large number of emails.
  • Outlook and Google Calendar icons are no longer attached to Merge Doc emails because  some  recipients’ firewalls were blocking emails if they included ‘Add to Calendar’ images as attachments.

Contacts - Accommodation

Component Tax calculations were different in the browser version of EventsAir.

Registration site (attendee view)

  • If an attendee tried to amend their details on a registration site after they had uploaded a photo, this would prevent the updated details from saving properly (and it would also look like the photo hadn’t saved).
  • The ‘More’ button and gallery weren’t visible on room type images, so not all images were showing (this only affected the Curved and Panel styles).
  • The registration site wasn't properly displaying custom inbound/outbound travel information:
    - Departure and arrival dates entered into a custom inbound travel section would show as blank on the summary page.
    - Flight numbers for custom inbound/outbound travel were incorrectly showing as the same number on the registration site, even when correct in the attendee record.

Online Panel - Interactive (registration) site

  • Including spaces in the alias for an interactive site (registration site) would cause the site to break.
  • Sub-components of the Contact component weren’t always displaying in the builder.
  • The Address field for ‘state’ wasn’t reverting to a text field if a country with multiple states was initially selected, and then another country with no pre-set states was selected. (This only affected sites using the Classic theme.)
  • Interactive (registration) site elements based on component logic weren’t working properly
    - if they were dependent on a dropdown selection;
    - if the Group option “I am not attending” was selected (this also stopped custom fields from working); and/or
    - for group members (only worked for the group contact).


Global Hotel Setup Report couldn’t be previewed.

Run Sheet

Problems saving data when using custom fields in Run Sheet.

Setup Panel

  • Authorization of extra modules (such as CE Courses, Remote Attendee) wasn’t automatically updating the event.
  • In Accommodation setup, it wasn’t possible to set a hotel room price of zero if using a different currency to the main one.