What's New in OnAIR Version 2

OnAIR 2.0 is a significant update that offers many new enhancements to existing functionality as well as offering a great selection of new functionality. Check out the list of enhancements below that you can find in OnAIR Version 2.0 or click here to watch the OnAIR V2 Release Video.

Live Polling

Live Polling is now available in OnAIR, where you can easily create Live Poll questions to ask your virtual attendees.
You can quickly add your own Live Poll questions with either single response or multiple choice responses. Once you click start, you can share a Live Poll with your virtual attendees, and another click will share the results in real time.
You can hide the results whenever you need, and Live Poll results can be exported as well.

Discussion Forum

The Discussion Forum is a new chat option that attendees in a session can use to chat with each other before or during a presentation. The presenter can also take part in the Discussion Forum, and creates an informal channel to discuss the topic and networking among each other.
The Discussion Forum is also available in Poster Presentations.

Poster Gallery

If you have a large number of poster presentations or have poster presentations across multiple time slots, you may consider enabling a poster gallery.
When enabled, the Poster Gallery displays all poster presentations in a searchable grid, across all available poster presentation times. Attendees can preview videos or handouts for each presentation, view presentation information and presentation times.
Attendees can also mark specific presentations as favorites, and when they select the Favorites filter, only selected poster presentations are displayed.

EventStream Engage

Working in parallel with EventStream Engage for your live event, you can now provide gamification for your virtual events as well.
With EventStream Engage, you can create goals that encourage participation in your virtual program, and incentivize attendees by awarding points and creating a friendly atmosphere of cooperation.
You can define goals to encourage engagement, such as visiting exhibitors, creating connections in the Meeting Hub, attendee sessions and functions and more.
Optionally, you can award badges for accomplishing special quantities of goals and choose to create a prize draw where attendees can use their earned points for tickets.

Contact Tracing and Enhancements to the Access Control App

Contact Tracing at live events is an important tool that event planners use in cases where they need to know all possible locations a specific attendee has visited, whether for medical or other possible reasons. Using the scan in and scan out functionality of the Access Control App  found in EventsAir, you can now generate a detailed access log as well as reports showing when and where a specific attendee has visited during the event.
This functionality works with conjunction with the Access Control app, a tool available in EventsAir to quickly manage scanning in and scanning out access control to functions and sessions.
Contact Tracing can be performed at any location, even when it is not a programmed session or function. For example, you may have a large group of attendees at casual evening gathering and you can quickly define your new location and scan in and scan out multiple entrances and exits to the event.
This updated functionality also includes the ability to define locations in advance for all functions and sessions, enabling you to use just one instance of the Access Control app to manage all scanning needs for your event.


Analytics is a powerful tool that lets you view a variety of statistical data surrounding sessions and functions for your event.
The Timeline tab shows a real-time display of attendance across the entire timeline, in sessions and functions, or attendance in the virtual exhibition.
The Events tab lets you view attendance numbers for every session and function.
Finally, the Map tab displays a powerful geolocation tool that shows the numbers of attendees from every country around the globe. You can adjust the map timeline and see how the numbers rise and fall during the entire event.

Additional Enhancements Included in OnAIR Version 2.0!

Presenter View Updates
The Presenter View has been refreshed, providing a new layout that makes it easier than ever for your presenters to preview, rehearse and start their presentations. Presenters can also access Live Q&A, Live Polling, the new Discussion Forum, and take part in chats with session presenters or with the Control Room team.

Update to Live Q&A

You have a new option to let attendees post Live Q&A questions anonymously.

Expanded Search Options
Across the OnAIR portal, you have new Advanced Search options for the Timeline, Poster Gallery, Exhibitions and Meeting Hub.

Portal Customization
You can now customize all of the graphic elements found throughout the OnAIR portal, change the background image and upload custom style sheets and JavaScripts as needed. These enhanced customization options require the Premium license or a per-event upgrade to Premium.

Sound Effects
You can add sound clips and sound effects to the timeline, which are a great way to give audio alerts or short messages that a session is about to begin.

Exhibitor Video Gallery
Your exhibitors are now able to upload multiple videos that attendees can view during a preview of the Virtual Exhibition or during a visit with exhibitors during the live exhibition.

Add Guests to Exhibitor Instant Meetings
Both exhibitors and attendees can now choose to invite 1 or 2 guests to join an Exhibitor instant meeting during the virtual exhibition. Selecting the Add Guest option sends an email to the guest, and clicking on the link in the email instantly starts the video chat. Invited guests do not need to be logged into the OnAIR portal or registered for the virtual event.

Help Page Enhancement
The Help Page pages now comes preloaded with a list of OnAIR Portal FAQs that you can choose to modify and use as you require.

You can now mark sessions, functions, poster presentations and exhibitors as favorites simply by clicking on the Favorites Star next to the name. Once you have selected your favorites, you can change the view simply by clicking on the favorites filter on the top right of your portal display.

Pre-Scheduled Exhibitor Meetings
Using the Meeting Matching tool, you can now let attendees and exhibitors request meetings in advance of your virtual event; confirmed meetings appear in the timeline and allow for a video meeting like any other Exhibitor Instant Meeting.

Zoom Live Stream Sessions
As an alternative to a webinar style session using Zoom or GotoWebinar, you can now have a live session generated in a Zoom Meeting (avoiding the webinar licensing requirement). This session can be output as a Live Stream through YouTube or Vimeo. This format generates a higher video quality and removes any audience number limitations found in the webinar licenses for Zoom or GotoWebinar.