Marketing module (setup) - marketing tags

Even though this module is called Marketing, the 'marketing' tags can flag or categorize your attendees in many different ways, not just for marketing purposes. You can select groups of attendees using the information gathered using marketing tags anywhere that uses the Filter, such as Exports, targeted Emails, or Bulk Data Express Actions.

For example: 

  • Regions - sales regions across a geographic area.
  • Specialty - lets you enter specific specialties relating to the attendee, like General Practitioner or Cardiac Specialist.
  • Company size - 1-50, 51-100, 101-500, etc.
  • Company category - technology, manufacturing, consulting, education, etc.
  • Number of years in business - 1-5, 6-10, more than 10, etc.
  • T-shirt size - S, M, L, XL, XXL, etc.
  • Area of Interest - Internet, Networking, Mobile Apps, Smart Phones, etc.
  • Sponsorship Interest - Prospective sponsor, confirmed sponsor, cancelled sponsor, etc.
  • First time attendee - Yes, No
  • Association member? - Yes, No

The possibilities are limitless, based on your requirements.

Types of Marketing Tags

Use the Additional Information dropdown to specify what type of data is collected with each Marketing Tag:

  • Tag only - this lets you assign a basic tag to the attendee record; no other data is collected.
  • Text - lets the attendee enter data in the field during registration.
  • Numeric - lets the attendee enter a number in the field during registration.
  • Date - lets the attendee enter a date in the field during registration.
  • Sub Tag - lets the attendee select from a list of options (drop-down list or radio buttons) during registration. To add Sub Tags to your new Marketing Tag, find it in the panel on the left, and click the “Add Sub Tag” button.

Marketing Groups

Optionally, you can create Marketing Groups, which are ways to associate different types of Marketing Tags that are related to each other. Some examples include:

  • Passport Information
  • Company Background
  • Education Experience
  • Certifications and Training

Again, the above list is just an example and you can create as many Marketing Groups as your registration needs require.

Identifying fields that contain Personal Data

For purposes of managing data privacy of its attendees, fields containing personally identifiable data in the Contact record are recognized as private by default (i.e. name, email, photo, address, phone, social media, IP Address).

However, many additional fields in EventsAir have the potential of containing personal data. These fields include:

  • Contact User Defined Fields
  • Note Types
  • Marketing Tags
  • Custom Fields

You should review any additional fields that you or your team have created, and mark them as containing personal data if applicable. This is used by EventsAir to identify these fields for reporting to attendees, and when anonymizing or deleting a contact record for data privacy reasons.