Project Overview

Project is a a global view of all projects going across all of your events in a grid view.

You have two main filters:

  • All Tasks - shows all tasks across all of your teammates
  • My Outstanding Tasks - shows just the outstanding tasks that are assigned to you

You also have a Project Overview Filter, where you can filter by different criteria such as event name, start date and much more.

Grid View details

In Grid View, you can see details about each task broken down by:

  • Rank - [you can assign rank numbers in the left hand column]
  • Events - the different events in your build of EventsAir 
  • Team Members - click the Plus symbol to expand the list to display individual team members and and their assigned tasks
  • Project Indicators - the columns that read Status, Progress, Start, End and Note are the same as shown in the specific event's Project List
  • Custom Fields - if you have custom fields assigned to a specific event, you can see and edit those fields from this view
  • Email Reminders - if checked, your team members will get email reminders for this task
  • Milestone - if checked, then milestones are recorded for this task
  • Milestone Alert, Level and Message - If Milestone Alert is checked, an alert is generated. You can also set the Alert Level and Alert Message if needed.

You can click on any element of a task and change items such as team member names, status, progress, start/end ends and notes.