What's New in OnAIR Version 6

OnAIR Version 6.0 Overview Video

OnAIR Version 6.0 added important hybrid event functionality to the Attendee App, allowing both virtual and live attendees to connect with each other and engage with most elements of hybrid events. 

The new Attendee App enhancements included in OnAIR 6.0 are:

Meeting Hub

Fully compatible with OnAIR, your live attendees now have access to the powerful and engaging Meeting Hub found in the Attendee App. Meeting Hub offers a variety of options to communicate and connect such as video/voice calls, texts, chats and scheduled meetings.

Session View Options

Found in both the Agenda and the Speaker Search, the new session view offers your attendees all of the session engagement options in one location. Attendees have access to Live Poll, Live Q&A and Discussion forum all in one convenient location. Attendees also have easy access to their session notes, session information and session handouts.

All of these engagement options are cross-platform, working seamlessly in both the Attendee App and the OnAIR platform.

If enabled, attendees can also watch live streams of session content directly in the Attendee app as well. Sessions can be viewed in both portrait and landscape modes.

Resource Gallery

The Resource Gallery is a popular feature where attendees can view cards of exhibitor, presenter, poster presentations and on-demand session content via the new component in the Attendee App.

Privacy and Settings

Privacy and Settings is a useful set of tools to let attendees choose how their contact information is displayed in the app.

Live Support

Attendees can submit support tickets to your live support team directly from the Attendee App. These tickets are managed from the OnAIR portal even if your event is only a live event. Your support team will see an indicator on the ticket letting them know if the support request is from a live or virtual attendee.

Exhibitor Meetings and Live Presentations

From the Exhibitor Search option, attendees can view a list of all exhibitors. When the exhibition is live and exhibitors are online, attendees can easily request text or video meetings. If your exhibitor is hosting live presentations, attendees can choose to join these as well.

Additional AIRCast and OnAIR Features

PTZ Camera in AIRCast Studio

PTZ (Pan/Zoom/Tilt) camera control is now integrated in AIRCast Studio, allowing you fantastic new options for creating compelling and professionally produced session broadcasts. PTZ cameras can be positioned at your live program and can be controlled by your AIRCast Studio Hosts and Presenters.
Cameras can be pre-set with different zoom, tilt and pan positions, and can be changed in real time during your session. A new Camera Operator function is also available, letting you assign someone separate from your AIRCast Studio to set up and position PTZ cameras.

Remote Projection in AIRCast Studio

An exciting option where you and your AV partners can professionally integrate virtual streams onto different displays and projections at your live event. Now, your audience can view both your live event presenters alongside virtual presenters broadcast onto screens or monitors.

Suggested Questions for Exhibitors

Event organizers can now create a list of suggested lead capture questions and automatically make those questions available to their exhibitors. When an exhibitor creates their list of lead capture questions via the Exhibitor Portal, they can easily pull a suggested question from the provided list. Optionally, event organizers can require that a specific question be included for all exhibitors.