Change Logs

Whether you work by yourself or with a team of meeting planners and assistants, many attendee records may be edited or changed more than one time. No matter if you work solo or with a team, you may need to recall if a change was made, and need to know the reason why. For example:

  • A hotel room was canceled, but the attendee denies doing this. The change log will contain the date, time and the name of the EventsAir user who made the change, allowing you to research and confirm the cancelation, or reinstate it if the change was accidental.
  • You see that an attendee was fully canceled, but you didn't handle it. To be safe, you research the Change Log and see that your assistant made the cancelation two weeks previously.

There are many reasons why you would need to research a history of all changes and edits, and the Change Log is an invaluable tool to assist you in your daily meeting management duties.

Tip: You may prefer to use the Change Log Report, which can be found in the Reporting panel under Contact reports.