Poster Sessions - OnAIR Portal

If you offer a poster presentation, you have different types of information you can display. These are:

Presentation Information Display Options

  • Display Options
    • Authors and Affiliations
    • Theme and Sub Theme
    • Biography
  • Main Presentation Document
    • Select the main presentation document that can be downloaded by attendees
  • Include Presentations when Paper Status Is 
    • Choose the presentation status or statuses to be included in Poster Presenters here

Handouts Widget

  • Include These Presentation Documents – choose which presentation documents you want to make available in the handout’s widget associated with this specific poster presentation

Live Q&A Widget

  • Enable Thumbs Down
  • Enable Post Anonymously

Discussion Forum

  • Enable Discussion Forum  - This is a chat feature that all attendees and poster presenters can use during a poster presentation

Document Upload 

If you have enabled documents for presenters, you can choose which documents can be uploaded by the Poster Presenter directly in the OnAIR portal

Resource Gallery

When enabled, the Poster Gallery is added to the Resource Gallery and displays all poster presentations in a searchable grid, across all available poster presentation times. Attendees can preview videos or handouts for each presentation, view presentation information and presentation times.
Attendees can also mark specific presentations as favorites, and when you select the Favorites filter, only selected poster presentations are displayed.

  • Poster Gallery Name – Enter the name of your gallery here
  • Poster Gallery Instructions – You can write instructions for how to use the Poster Gallery here
  • Main Document for the Poster Gallery – This option lets you choose a video or handout to be accessible in each Poster Gallery card that attendees can watch or access while previewing the poster presentations in the gallery
  • Number of Presentations per Page - entered the desired number of poster presentations viewable on a single page here