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I have a custom developed solution that relies on a whitelisted static IP address - what do I need to do?

Talk to your IT department or developer about where they may have whitelisted a static IP address when your custom dev solution was supplied to you.

 [NB This only applies to historical custom development, prior to any integration solutions developed using our public API.] 

They need to ADD a new IP address to whitelist. We'll email you the correct IP address for your region. 

Important:  Do NOT replace the current whitelisted IP address – add the new one.  

Alternatively, they could remove the reliance on IP whitelisting. 

If you do nothing, your custom-developed portal will stop working. 

I don't know whether my custom developed solution relies on a static IP address - what should I do?

This is tricky, as we have no visibility over whether you've whitelisted our IP address or not, nor where this may have been done. It's not something we would have done for you; you or your IT provider would’ve done it.

The best path would be for you to reach out to your IT provider and ask if they have whitelisted an IP address for any of your custom development.

Remember, we also have a full migration support team help you resolve any issues, should they occur. 


I have a custom-developed portal with an SSL certificate installed on IIS (for example, a Single Sign-On portal – you may know this as an SSO portal). 

UPDATED: You don't need to do anything - we can resolve the SSL issues before the migration. 

I have a custom-developed report, export or integration process that routinely takes more than 4 minutes to run. 

These may time out after the integration. Please contact Support with details of the report or integration process so we can help you find solutions for this issue. 

I've got more general questions about the Azure Migration...

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