System Setup - Brand Editor

The Brand Editor is a powerful function of EventsAir that allows you to create different "Brands", or marketing designs. For example, if you host both an internal sales meeting and an external customer meeting, you can define completely different logos, color themes, custom CSS style sheets, and default images for your web pages, email documents, and Mobile Apps.

You can set up the following areas in the EventsAir Brand Editor:

Details Tab

  • Name - enter the name of your new brand here
  • Style - select from a list of pre-defined styles that serve as a starting point for your Interactive Site design. Once you preview and select your desired style, you can modify colors, fonts and other style elements on the Customize Style tab.
  • Images- these fields let you insert your own custom images for the Interactive Site and Emails
    • Website header image - 1000 pixels by 300 pixels
    • Website footer image - 1000 pixels by 300 pixels
    • Website footer HTML - create your own HTML footer, which can include links, images and text
    • Website Favicon - replaces the default EventsAir icon upon installation
    • Email header image - 640 pixels by 300 pixels
    • Email footer image - 640 pixels by 300 pixels

Customize Style Tab

This is where you can choose the default fonts, font size, and various font and background colors for your site.

Tip: This is not something you will do on a whim; it is important to create a style with consistent and uniform colors and design. Otherwise, you run a risk of creating a site that will look disorganized and unprofessional. 

  • Style Settings - for each listed style element, you will be able to change items such as font, font size, font colors, button colors and background colors of pages and forms.
  • Fix Navigation Bar to bottom of the screen - this option, when selected, will automatically place navigation buttons at the bottom of each web form, no matter how short or long that form is.
  • Custom Bootstrap CSS - this option lets you import your own style sheet (CSS) to control the look and feel of your interactive forms, portals and emails.