Collection App

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The Collection App makes it easy to allow attendees to collect items such as a Registration Pack (e.g. a bag containing event information, itinerary, and gift items from sponsors and exhibitors). You can also record when items have been collected. By creating a separate area or desk for collections, you can minimize queues at your main registration desk.

Read more about using the Collection App here.

Setting up the Collection App


As for all apps/portals, you need to set up a name, Alias (URL), brand, live dates, and messaging for before and after the app is live. Read this article for more information. 


Changing the wording in the app/portal

Changes made to the default language in Application Settings will affect all events. However, you can still make unique local changes for each portal in each event in the Portal Setup. Read more about Localization.


Configure the Navigation link description, the Heading, and the page content for the following portal pages:

  • Sign-in Page
  • Home Page
  • Help Page
  • Search Page - also includes:
    • Collection Note Type - when the package is collected, create a Note for that contact, using this Note Type.
    • Collection Note Text - the default text for this note. The final note will be a combination of this default text, plus any extra Note Text the user enters, plus the username of the person who marked this item as collected (using the Collected button).
Please note, you must set up the Note Type for the collection to be recorded. Do not change the Note Type part-way through the event, as you will not be able to see previously entered Notes and Collections in the portal, until you change the Note Type back.
  • Additional Page 1-3 - define up to 3 additional pages to display any required information.

Users Tab

In this tab, you set up who's allowed to access the app. To add a new user, click the plus sign next to App Users, and complete the fields below. When you've finished adding users, press Save.

Note: You must set up Users here before anyone can use this app. 

Click on App Users to create a new user, then fill in the following:

  • Email Address
  • Password
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Organization
  • User Type - (Leave as Basic - the default. No other user types for this app.)
  • User Level - (Leave as Standard - the default.)
  • Is Disabled - check this to disable the account, so the user cannot sign in.
  • Last Logon - shows the date and time this user last signed in.

Access Logs

This panel shows the details of every time this user has signed in to the app. Here you can review the date and time of access, the originating IP address, and any actions taken.

Using the Collection App


Enter the Attendee's ID number, or a part or their Title, First Name, Last Name or Organization. Press Search to see a list of matching people.

When you give the Attendee their Registration Pack, press the Collected button.

A pop-up will ask you to enter an optional note. Enter any details you want recorded, then press Collected.

If you need to undo this action, press the Undo button. It will also delete any Collection Note you previously entered.