App Store

EventsAir is designed to bring advanced functionality and interfaces through the use of the innovative new App Store. Through the App Store, both the designers at Centium Software and third party developers can create specialized portals and interfaces to EventsAir, expanding its functionality in many new ways.

Apps run as stand-alone web portals and can be access on any mobile device, tablet, or smart phone.

The following are some of the categories that have Apps that are ready to use in EventsAir:

  • Presentation and Speaker Management
  • Exhibitor and Sponsor Management
  • Onsite Check-In and Management
  • Registration Management and Support
  • Continuing Education and Membership
  • Meeting Matching
  • Social Media and Gamification

Once you create your app, you will be able to edit essential details and settings. Each app will have different configuration details and settings, which will be shown in their respective help pages.

For More Information: