What's New in EventsAir 6.1

Contact Exchange

Meetings are all about making connections and the new Contact Exchange in the Attendee App is a fantastic way to connect with other attendees and virtually exchange business cards.

A quick and simple scan of another attendee’s name badge and you will instantly capture their contact details. You also display your contact details along with a QR code so your new contact can easily scan your details.

You’ll be able to email, message, or call your new contact directly from the Contact Exchange window.

A useful note field is included so you can enter notes about your new contact.

You are also able to export your list of contacts with a direct email sent to yourself.

The EventsAir Data Protection Toolkit (Pat. Pend.)

Protecting the privacy and security of your attendees’ personal information has become a major focus of the meetings industry in recent years. Driven in part by the European Union's release of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the need to protect the personal data of your attendees has never been greater.

The EventsAir Data Protection Toolkit is a fully integrated set of tools and processes designed for meeting planners to assist them with their GDPR compliance and provide superior data protection of their attendees’ personal data.

  • The Data Protection Toolkit Includes the ability to:
  • Create and store standard Data Processing Consent Policies
  • Display Data Processing Consent Policies in Interactive Sites and Merge Docs
  • Capture and log personal data Consent and Withdrawal of Consent in registration forms
  • Record all consent changes and track whenever personal data is sent to third parties
  • Completely delete attendees or anonymize personal data
  • Retain historical and financial information for reporting
  • Automatically notify third parties when an attendee exercises their right to be forgotten
  • Search for a contact across multiple events
  • Generate Data Processing Statements including all known personal information, consent log and third-party transfer logs
  • Archive events which anonymizes all attendee records and retains statistical information
  • Track and log all transactions to GDPR and other legal compliance
  • Utilize the Data Protection Dashboard to stay informed of compliance status

 To explore the functionality of the Data Protection Toolkit, please visit the EventsAir Help System (once Version 6.1 is released) and check out the new section called Data Protection in EventsAir. This new help page provides background on Data Protection requirements and numerous resources such as White Papers, training videos, FAQs and more.

Additional Enhancements and Functionality

 Version 6.1 of EventsAir provides additional enhancements and functionality, not all of which can be presented in detail. You can find additional information in the online help system and by contacting your support team.

Updates to Meeting Matching

Updates to Meeting Matching include the addition of walk time calculations, group meeting schedules, setting free meeting times and the naming of meetings.

Edit Group Registration

A group leader can log back into an Interactive Site and edit the details of group members.

Invoice Pooling

Multiple offices can now define different numbering sequences for both invoices and credit notes. These sequences let you define number sequences per event or pooled across all events.