AIRCast Session Lower Third Graphics

Adding Lower Third Graphics to your AIRCast Studio Presentations

Lower Third Graphics are used to show a presenter's name and either organization or title in a graphic overlay on the broadcast feed. This graphic can be customized with your choice of colors, transparency, line elements and logos.

Design Options

  • Theme - choose from a selection of themes that offer a starting point of preselected fonts, colors and styles.
  • Line 1 Font and Color - choose the font and color for line one, which is typically the presenters full name.
  • Line 2 Font and Color - choose the font and color for line two, which is typically the presenter's organization, position or country.
  • Line 2 Data - choose what information to display on line two:
    • Organization
    • Position and Organization
    • Country
  • Background - select the background color or image here. Backgrounds can be solid or transparent.

Style Options

Choose the style and design elements for your Lower Third Graphic here. Options include:

  • First Name Uppercase
  • Last Name Uppercase
  • Line 2 Uppercase
  • Horizontal Line
  • Vertical Line


You are able to display a logo on the left side of the Lower Third Graphic. This logo needs to be 132x132 pixels in size, and should be a PNG file for transparency.


The preview area provides you with a preview of what your lower third graphic looks like.

Using Lower Third Graphics in AIRCast Studio

It is very straightforward to deploy Lower Third Graphics for your AIRCast Studio Session. When you bring one or more presenters to the Main Stage, simply select the Lower Third Graphic On/Off Button to turn this feature on or off.

Editing a Presenter's Lower Third Graphic

If needed, you can click on the pencil icon under a Presenter's preview feed and update both lines of the Lower Third Graphic.