EventStream Engage in the EventsAir App Store

There are three apps in the EventsAir App Store that support the EventStream Engage platform:

Redemption App

The EventStream Engage Redemption App is an onsite tool for managing redemption of items using coins earned by achieving goals in EventStream Engage. The App will let you search for attendees by name, and then display contact details along with a display of total coins earned, and coins remaining after current redemptions are made.

The Statistics page displays all items available for redemption with a listing of coins needed, inventory, number of redemptions, remaining inventory, personal limits, and display/active times (if set).

Click here to learn more about the EventStream Engage Redemption App.

Analytics App

The EventStream Analytics App provides a broad selection of graphical reports and statistics about the EventStream Engage platform. This includes:

  • Overall Engage Analytics
  • Goal Analytics
  • Badge Analytics
  • Prize Draw Analytics
  • Prize Draw Automation
  • Redemption Analytics

Click here to learn more about the EventStream Engage Analytics App.

Leader Board App

The Leader Board App is a projection to display the following leaderboards:

  • EventStream Contributors
  • EventStream Mentions
  • EventStream Tags
  • EventStream Commenters
  • EventStream Engage Points

Each category displays both the Overall leaders for that category as well as Today’s leaders for the current category.

Click here to learn more about the EventStream Leader Board App.