Presentation & Speaker Apps/Portals

To capture and manage the entire process of requesting abstracts, reviewing and selecting papers and presentations, gathering speaker bios and photos, audio-visual requirements and more, there are three apps/portals that work in harmony. For an overview of the process and how these apps/portals work together, please read this guide.
* Presentation Portal
* Reviewer Portal
* Abstract Workflow App


Presentation Portal
The Presentation Portal allows presenters or authors to submit their abstracts for review, and (if enabled) lets them make edits later in response to reviewer feedback. Note:  The Presentation Portal App i...
Reviewer Portal
The Reviewer Portal lets reviewers see all papers assigned to them for review, and score each one on a number of criteria. Note : Setting up the Reviewer Portal is a key step in the management of a presentatio...
Abstract Workflow App
  The Abstract Workflow App helps meeting organizers or presentation program committees manage presentation submissions. Once all reviews and scores have been submitted, the organizing committee or chair c...