What's New in EventsAir 5.0

Room Release Management Express Action

The Hotel Room Release Express Action is a powerful function in EventsAir that lets you set up room release schedules based on your specific contracted room release clauses for each hotel. Hotels around the world all contract and manage room release options differently, so the Room Release functionality in EventsAir has many variables and options to provide you with maximum flexibility in defining your room release schedules.

You will set up Room Release Schedules where you define the dates, percentage of rooms to release and the basis of the calculation. You are able to create multiple schedule items in line with each hotel contract.

Then, using the Room Release Express Action, you are able to process your scheduled or unscheduled room release, and you are able to adjust and review all released rooms either by date or by room category. You can also easily send the hotel an email that confirms your changes.

Group Registration via an Interactive Site

In the Interactive Site Builder, you are able to create dedicated group registration sites that allow a group coordinator (attending or not attending) to register their group members online in one coordinated process, and either pay for groups or assign payment to individual attendees.

This functionality is ideally suited for group coordinators wishing to formally register and manage payments for their group in one dedicated process.

Working with group discount codes, it is a straightforward process to accept online group registrations and then accept payments either from the individual attendees or from the group coordinator.

Group Accommodation Portal

The Group Accommodation Portal is a powerful app that lets your Group Organizers manage their group's room block in several key areas.

They are able to view the room block by allocated and available rooms in an easy to view room grid. They can manage their existing group members with the ability to edit their hotel reservation details and cancel if needed. And, they can add guests manually one at a time or import multiple guests in a single import process. 

 Enhanced Photo Capture Tools

EventsAir allows attendees and organizers to capture headshot images in many ways. You can import a headshot or you can use your computer's webcam or phone/tablet's camera to take the picture.

Once taken or imported, EventsAir's photo cropping tool will automatically size a square or passport dimension image, and let you crop the image as well. 

You or your attendees are able to capture images from Interactive Sites, Mobile Apps and the Self Check-In Portal.

 Photo Status Management

You can assign different photo status settings for each submitted photo.

These photo status levels can be reported and searched on, making the process of managing submitted photos much easier.

Additionally, photo statuses are fully integrated in the new Photo Review App, discussed in the next section.

 Photo Review App

From the EventsAir App Store, the Photo Review App provides you with a structured workflow for reviewing submitted images, accepting/requesting replacement images, cropping images and other photo management processes.

You are able to review all images that have been uploaded, or filter images based on Photo Status. Photos can be cropped, removed and replaced, and you can bulk Accept or Request Photo Replacements.

The App will automatically send out a Merge Doc if you select Request Photo (for records without an uploaded image) or Request Replacement Photo (for records with an image that you wish to replace).

Project Manager Assignment

The ability to assign and send task reminders to Project Managers has been added in Version 5.0. This functionality lets you assign a Project Manager (who is responsible for overseeing all Team Members assigned to various tasks under the project).

Project Managers can be sent task reminders for all tasks that are part of their project at the same time their Team Members are sent reminders.

New Libraries Added to Application Setup

New libraries for hotels, suppliers, amenities and room types have been added to Application Setup.

These libraries allow organizers to create detailed lists of amenities, suppliers, hotels and room types that can be used repeatedly for different events.

Amenities lets you define a library of amenities that can be associated with hotels, such as gyms, WIFI, swimming pools, restaurants and more.

Hotels and Suppliers lets you define specific hotel vendors and suppliers of services that can be accessed for future events.

Room Types lets you define a list of standard room categories that can be linked to specific Hotel Suppliers. This helps you create a consistent set of room types to aid in global reporting across multiple events.

Setup Screen User Locking

When you are creating new users,  you can now assign individual users access to specific modules and areas found in Setup.

Each Setup item will now display a Red Lock (locked) or a Green Lock (unlocked) icon on the far right of each item.

Additionally, Administrators are able to click on a specific Setup item's lock icon and change the default setting at any time.

on-Administrators will only be able to access a specific Setup item if they have been granted access in the User Configuration section found in Application Setup.

Supplier Invoice Management

Expense Management is now called Supplier Invoice Management. The process for managing supplier invoices is relatively unchanged, but has been enhanced with the ability to upload files such as PDF documents or invoices.

Supplier Payments

Supplier Payment allows you to track pending and paid invoices against a specific supplier, filtered by invoice date and/or due date of the invoice.

Print PDF Merge Doc

Meeting organizers are able to produce or print PDF versions of any Merge Doc in EventsAir.

You're able to choose any Merge Doc (Confirmation or Marketing Format), filter for any specific selection of attendees, and produce a PDF version.

This functionality is extremely useful for archival purposes as well as printing out Merge Docs for use at a conference or event.

 Update User Account

The Update User Account icon (next to the Help icon) allows users to easily update their user account details and password.

Additional Tools and Enhancements

Version 5.0 of EventsAir provides a long list of enhancements and new features, not all of which can be presented in detail. The following items are also included in EventsAir 5.0. You can find additional information in the online help system and by contacting your support team.

Contact Store Custom Fields, Marketing and Note Tags

Contacts invited to register for a new event are able to view and enter details into Custom Fields, Notes and Marketing Tags that are present in the Contact Store. This sharing of Custom Fields, Marketing Tags and Notes is a great method to provide data consistency between individual events and the Contact Store.

Contacts Store Auto Token Login Invitations

You are able to invite contacts in the Contact Store to any linked event and associated portals, sites and apps by sending an email via the Contact Store from any connected event.

Message Trails in the Attendee App

When a user of the Mobile Attendee App clicks on another Attendee in the Attendee List, they will now be able to view a history of previous messages between both parties.

Send Test Email

When creating a new Merge Doc, you are now able to select the Send Test Email option, which quickly allows you to send a test message to any recipient you designate.

Enhancements to Custom Field Searches

Additional functionality has been added to custom field searches to allow filtering on document uploads. You are now able to search for Received, Not Received or Either as a document upload status.

Supplier Audit Trail

Provides a full audit trail detail for all Supplier invoice and payment history.

Enhancements to Attendee Mobile Apps

You now have additional formatting and style control in the Attendee Mobile App. These enhancements include being able to add custom icons, adding a background image to the app screen and adding a custom style sheet to the app.

Changes to Statistics Reports

With the publication of the Event Statistics Report (along with the powerful report view options), the Attendee Statistics Detail Report and the Financial Statement Report will be removed from EventsAir. The new Event Statistics Report fully replaces these earlier reports.

Receipt Time Zones

In order to be fully consistent across our global regions, all Receipt Created dates will be recorded in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Whenever a receipt or report that shows the Receipt Created Date is displayed, EventsAir will automatically convert the date to the local time as indicated in your installation. It is important to note that data recorded prior to the Version 5 release will NOT be updated.

Mobile App Installation White Paper and Videos

Available with the release of Version 5 will be the new Mobile App Installation white paper with links to the new Mobile App Installation videos. The white paper provides instructions on installing the mobile attendee app for various platforms, which you can share with your attendees. You are also able to download a new short video which can be shown at your event, which also explains how to install the mobile app on their phones or tablets