What's New in EventsAir 12.1

EventsAir Version 12.1 Release Video

Live Poll Word Clouds

Word Clouds are a fun graphical representation of the top thirty responses to a live poll question presented to attendees either in OnAIR or the Attendee App. Word cloud responses are always open text responses and attendees can change their response at any time when the live poll is open.
Words or responses from attendees are displayed in a “cloud” where the more popular responses are larger and other responses or phrases are in smaller font.

Audience Reactions

Audience Reactions is an engagement option found in AIRCast Studio. When enabled, attendees will be able to select from six different reaction icons: like, love, clap, haha, wow, and sad.
These icons, when selected will float from the bottom of the Main Stage towards the top. There will be a number indicator on these floating icons indicating the number of attendees choosing that reaction. Each floating reaction has a five second window and then disappears from view.

Attendee Self-Check In

Attendees can now self-check-in to sessions, functions and activity breaks using the Attendee App. An attendee can check-in by either scanning a QR code or connecting to a Beacon.

Check-In and Check-Out Search and Reporting Options

You can now search and filter for attendees based on their checked-in and checked-out status fields and also from where
 they where they attended, via OnAIR or In-Person.

Multi-select Dietary Preferences

Dietary Requirements now supports multi-select of dietary requests from attendees. Attendees can make these selections in an Interactive Site and the Attendee Panel now supports the multi-select option as well.
Multiple selections are fully supported in Dietary Reports, Exports and the Dietary Requirements Portal you can share with your food and beverage partners.

Updates to Interpretation Services

Bilingual Interpretation

In addition to working with multiple interpreters, you can know work with one multi-lingual interpreter who can instantly switch between languages during the session broadcast. This can be quite useful in situations where you have different presenters speaking in different languages and you want one multi-lingual interpreter to provide both interpretations.

Multiple Interpreters Active at the Same Time

There are times where you will staff more than one interpreter - especially for longer session broadcasts. With Version 12.1, all interpreters in the Interpretation Studio are active and can choose to mute or unmute whenever needed. The Interpretation broadcast window will show all active interpreters currently in the studio.

Interpretation Volume Control and the Hi/Lo Volume Toggle

Clicking on any Interpretation Channel during the session broadcast will expand and display a volume control specific to that audio channel.
The main audio channel now displays audio volume and mute options. When you select an interpretation channel, the main audio channel will automatically changes to a Lo volume setting. This allows each attendee to listen to the interpretation channel at full volume with the audio track reduced and playing in the background.

Additional Enhancements in EventsAir 12.1

Session Survey Skip - When exiting a session and viewing a session survey, attendees can now, if enabled, select “Skip” to bypass responding to the session survey. If the attendee returns to the session for at least five minutes, they will be presented with the survey again so that they are able to respond.
Post-Session Videos and Static Images - Event managers now have an expanded set of choices for adding post-session videos and static images to be viewed by attendees as the session concludes. For example, this can be used to display a "thank-you" image at the conclusion of the session or to show a short sponsor video that commences once the session ends. In addition to Pre-session videos, static images are now able to be displayed before a session commences.

Session Recording Playback - With this update, when attendees return to view session recordings, these recordings will be shown in the main display, avoiding the need to separately select session recording.

Session Recordings for Presenters - Presenters for AIRCast Studio sessions can now return to the OnAIR Portal and view the session recordings for all sessions where they were a presenter, just as if they were an attendee.

Attendee App Updates (Speaker Search) - You now have three options for displaying presenters in Speaker Search. You can choose to show only presenting authors, only non-presenting authors or both author categories.

New OnAIR Analytics Reports

  • Attendee Report - Session Recording shows all attendees who visit a session after it is over and watches the recorded session content. This report shows who watched the recording and the time in the session
  • Session Statistics has been updated to always show number counts for each session
  • Downloaded Handout Report shows all attendees who have downloaded a presenter handout and includes if they did so from the OnAIR Portal or the Attendee App

Meeting Matching in Virtual Events - you now can enable an option for attendees to indicate if an exhibitor they were scheduled to meet was a no-show.

Attendees can now join pre-scheduled meetings with exhibitors directly from the Attendee App.

If an exhibitor has meeting requests with no exhibitor assigned to hem, when they log into OnAIR they will receive a warning that they need to assign meetings to a team member.

Disable Meeting Hub Meetings - When selected, you can disable the option for attendees to schedule meeting hub meetings with other attendees. This applies to both the OnAIR Portal and the Attendee App.

QR Code - The way in which the QR Code is generated has been slightly changed, if you create your own custom QR codes, please contact our support team for further information.

AIRCast Studio Enhancements

  • There is now a separate chat widget for Interpreters
  • AIRCast Studio hosts can now send one or more chat messages as an AIRCast Studio alert. All presenters or all interpreters will then see a pop-up Alert when the chat is sent as an alert 
  • AIRCast Producers can force a presenter into low resolution or audio only if they have a poor quality or intermittent internet connection. Presenter’s Internet quality is now automatically tested before they join the Green Room and if quality is poor, they will join at Low Resolution