What's New in EventsAir 11

EventsAir Version 11 Release Video

EventsAir Version 11 allows event planners to produce professional and engaging session broadcasts to support hybrid events without the need to rely on expensive AV production studios. 

The new features included in EventsAir 11 are:

Remote Device Manager

This new technology lets you manage all your hybrid event devices from anywhere in the world, makes it easy to enable many devices simultaneously, and reduces the need for large AV studios or staff. 

With this device manager, you will be able to set up multiple PTZ cameras, projectors, LCD panels, and audio sources in advance to be used during any AIRCast session. This allows the AIRCast host to add, manage, and control this AV equipment from any remote location. Since this device manager can be left unattended after the equipment has been set up, it's very efficient and time-saving, and reduces staff needs. 

AIRCast Interpretation Studio

The AIRCast Interpretation Studio is a real-time production tool used by language and sign-language interpreters to provide live interpretation during your sessions. 

You interpreters will be able to see and hear your presenters in the main stage to be able to provide live interpretations in real time, and when your audience decides to switch to a different language, or turn on sign language options, they will be able to hear and/or see this immediately. 

EventsAir allows for multiple languages to be set up, and you can even have multiple interpreters per language in the studio at the same time to allow them to switch as required. 

Sign and Audio Language Interpretation

With the new AIRCast Interpreter Studio, it's possible to stream both audio and video interpretations required for audio and sign languages. Interpreters simply open the studio, join the session and begin their interpretation. This stream will be available to your audience as soon as the interpreter is live. 

If attendees require sign language interpretation, when they click on the button to enable it, a small window will open with a video stream of the interpreter. This window can be moved to a convenient spot, and it can also be viewed directly in the attendee app. 

If attendees require audio language interpretations, they will be able to hear the interpreter once they enable the option of their choosing, and they can also enable this directly in the attendee app. 

AIRCast Interpreter Certification Course

This certification is a short and informational course that is available to all EventsAir users. You, as an EventsAir client, will be able to provide this option to your interpreters as well, to make sure that they receive the appropriate training and know how to start using the Interpreter Studio.

The short course takes less than an hour to complete, and interpreters can receive a certification at the end of their exam. 

You can access the course via EventsAir by clicking on the Learn option, and you are welcome to invite your interpreters to register here

Closed Captioning

You can now provide real-time closed captioning for your sessions. This is only available for AIRCast studio sessions and pre-recorded content, and the service is set up for you. 

Attendees will see a button to enable closed captioning, and when the box appears on the screen, they will be able to re-size it and move it around to place it in a non-disruptive place. 

OnAIR also allows you to download a text transcript as well as a WebVTT transcript, which can then be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.

Request Info from Sponsor and Exhibitor

Exhibitors and sponsors can collect attendee contact information using lead management. We have now enhanced this feature so attendees can proactively request to be added to the exhibitor's lead management list. This allows attendees to be contacted at a later time if they were not able to have a conversation or connect with the exhibitor. 

Exhibitors and Sponsors can choose which lead management questions appear in the options, which allows them to choose what type of information they receive from the attendee. 

OnAIR Analytics Update

With the introduction of AIRCast Day Passes, OnAIR Analytics has been updated to show the number of day passes used as well as the number of broadcast hours used in AIRCast Studio.