Global Reporting

Global reporting lets you search, filter and report on data across multiple events. You can choose which events you want to report on, and select from a library of pre-designed reports for Events, Financials, Suppliers and Users.

To access Global Reporting, select Reporting from the Event Selection Window. 

There are four categories of reports you can see, copy and save:

  • Event Reports - search and filter on multiple events, with parameters such as event start and end dates, event groups, office location, and other demographic details.
  • Financial Reports - search and filter across funding types, payment types, payment dates, receipt creation dates, and payment batches.
  • Supplier Reports - search and filter on Suppliers based on supplier types, brands, chains and other criteria.
  • User Reports - report on users, filtering on roles in your organization, user status, and other demographic details. A change log report is also available in this tab.

Searching and Filtering

Once you select a global report to run, you can access the filter option. You have different filter and search options for each report category:

  • Event
  • Financial
  • Supplier
  • User

You can also filter on Custom Fields you've defined for Event Reports.

Adding a Custom Report

If you've previously purchased a custom report from the EventsAir team, you can access it here by selecting the Add Custom button and choosing from a list of available custom reports. Please note there are development fees to create custom reports and if none are available to you, nothing will appear when you select this button.

Click here to learn more about the Custom Report Store.