EventStream in the OnAIR portal

Deploying EventStream in Your OnAIR Program

The EventStream social network has been part of live events for several years, and is now fully integrated in OnAIR.  A private social network for your events and meetings, EventStream provides a platform for your attendees to post photos, videos, and comments and share them in the social experience exclusive to your live or virtual event.

You will manage the entire EventStream experience with the EventStream Manager, located in the Communication Panel of EventsAir.

EventStream runs off the same EventsAir database, so you can deploy the social network at both live and virtual events at the same time - an added bonus for running hybrid programs.

Configuring EventStream for use in OnAIR

The following options and settings are found in the EventStream section of the OnAIR Portal settings:

  • Enable EventStream - check this box to enable EventStream at your virtual event.
  • Heading - you can edit the default heading here.
  • Instructions - enter any instructions that you wish to share with your virtual attendees.
  • Icon - select an icon from the Google Icon library or upload your own custom icon here.
  • Post Background Colors - you can define up to six different background colors for the background of your posts here.
  • Post Text Colors - you can define up to six different text colors here. 
  • Allow Photo Uploads - check this box to allow your virtual attendees to capture and upload photos to EventStream.

Setting Up and Managing EventStream

You will configure and manage your EventStream settings in EventsAir, using the EventStream Manager found in the Communications Panel. Your settings will apply to both the live and virtual aspects of your program, and allows both live and virtual attendees to connect and engage with each other in the same social network.

Click here to view the help topic on configuring EventStream.