Exhibitor & Sponsor Promotion in OnAIR (and EventsAir)

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OnAIR offers several built-in features to support sponsor and exhibitor promotions, including:

  • Portal Sponsorship / Sponsor Advertising – Add sponsor logos to a rotating image panel above the timeline in the OnAIR Portal. Each image is sized at 870px by 155px. You can have up to five sponsor banners. If you have more than five sponsors, you can consider placing multiple sponsor logos on the same banner. Additionally, many organizations use these five sponsor banners to display other virtual event or company information as well. The premium license is not required for this.
  • Session and Function Sponsors – individual sessions and functions can be sponsored by one or more sponsors. Once set, the sponsor logo is displayed in the timeline for the sponsored function or session.
  • Sponsor Request Widget in Sessions – Session sponsors can be provided a special widget that attendees can click on to request additional information
  • Request Info Option - when enabled, attendees can see this option in virtual exhibitions and sponsored sessions. When Request Info is selected in either location, attendees can answer any presented lead management questions and are then added to the exhibitor's list of collected leads.
  • Pre- or Post-Session Messaging – You are able to set a pre-event or post-event video to play automatically and these are can used to play sponsor promotion and messages. Attendees coming into the session early will automatically be shown the video as well as for those who remain in the session after it concludes.
  • Custom Exhibition Booths – Sponsors and exhibitors can be provided with the tools to upload and design their own unique exhibition stands.
  • Resource Gallery – Sponsors can be offered placement in the Resource Gallery, showing videos or handouts for any content you would allow them to use.

Other ways to promote Sponsors and Exhibitors

In addition to the built-in sponsor promotion options in OnAIR, you can provide additional sponsor and exhibitor promotions in several ways. 

  • Live Host Promotion – Using the screen share or video share functionality in the Live Host feature, you can easily play a short video or display a promotional message during a specific Live Host update.
  • Gamification – Using the EventStream Engage Gamification Option, you can create opportunities to connect and learn more about exhibitors and sponsors in several ways:
    • Trivia Questions – you can award points to attendees who answers a question about a sponsor or exhibitor
    • Exhibitor Visits – you can encourage an attendee to visit with exhibitors using the Exhibitor Stand Visit and Exhibitor Meeting Goals
    • Prize Draws – you can promote a sponsor by allowing them to sponsor a specific gift giveaway
  • Custom Portal Images – you can customize the different portal images found throughout OnAIR to include sponsor logos or messages. This functionality requires a Premium License.
  • Login Page Image – You can customize the Login Page image to include sponsor messaging as appropriate
  • Meeting Matching – you can offer opportunities for pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings between attendees and sponsors or exhibitors. Once these meetings are scheduled, they appear in the timeline for easy access at the scheduled time.
  • Virtual Exhibition – even when the exhibition is not formally open and staffed, attendees can visit the exhibition and preview exhibitors. Exhibitors (and sponsors) can have videos and handouts available for download.
  • Virtual Exhibition Rankings – you can separate exhibitors into different categories with a heading for each group. In this fashion, you can promote different exhibitor types, and you could also create a sponsor category of exhibitor to be part of the exhibition.
  • Exhibitor Lead Retrieval – in the same way as a live event, exhibitors can capture leads and then customize their own profile questions, that they want to record against the lead. Once the meeting has ended, a brochure or follow-up email can be sent immediately to the attendee. 
  • Virtual Networking Functions – groups of 2, 3, or 4 attendees and placed in random groups where they can video chat with each other and make connections in the Meeting Hub. OnAIR lets you pre-assign hosts, so sponsors can be given the opportunity to host these networking functions. You can also filter or target specific attendee types (using Marketing Tags or other criteria) to be able to join in a Networking Function.
  • Group Conversations – these are like Networking Functions, but you can pre-assign attendees to specific groups. These groups can easily have one or more sponsors assigned to them.
  • Meeting Hub – this is a powerful networking and connection hub where attendees can search for and request connections with other attendees. Once connections are made, attendees can chat, have video calls or arrange meetings much like one-to-one meetings set using Meeting Matching. This is a great resource for sponsors and exhibitors to search for attendees and request connections and meetings.
  • Advertising on Name Badges and Check In Kiosks – It is quite easy to include a sponsor logo on the back of name badges that are printed on demand onsite.
  • Advertising on the Attendee App – You can offer both advertising (shown on individual screens) or a splash screen message promoting your sponsors.

Adding Sponsor Logos to the OnAIR Portal 

  1. Navigate to the Online panel in EventsAir.
  2. Open the OnAIR Portal in the App Store.
  3. Select the Content tab.
  4. Select the Portal Sponsor menu option.
  5. Click on Add to browse and select the image file.
  6. Add in Sponsor URL and Description if needed.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for up to 10 sponsors. If you have more than 10 sponsors, you can include them all in one. 
  8. Select Save to save your settings.

Adding Sponsor Logos to Functions or Sessions

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Description automatically generated

Each session or function sponsor will need to have an attendee record in the event and their record will need to have a Sponsorship item with a logo added.

  1. Create or edit your session or function in EventsAir.
  2. Open the Sponsor tab.
  3. Select Add Existing Contact and select the record with the sponsorship item.
  4. Select Save to save your settings.