3D Mode in OnAIR

3D Mode is a graphic virtual environment for your OnAIR virtual program. Using 3D Mode, your attendees experience a realistic environment for all or part of the virtual event. 3D Mode is extremely customizable, allowing you to select 3D backgrounds for different aspects of your program, and you can also design and upload your own virtual backgrounds for any aspect of your OnAIR event.

Each area of your 3D event is called a scene. You can customize each 3D scene, giving you complete control over your attendee's journey within your 3D environment. You have access to images, videos, links, auditoriums, exhibitions and much more.

Once you create a 3D virtual event, you and your attendees are always able to switch back to the standard version of OnAIR, referred to as 2D Mode.

Available Scenes in 3D Mode

3D Mode lets you create a realistic event space consisting of different 3D Scenes that might emulate your convention hall or dedicated event space. Scenes that 3D Mode can be applied to include:

  • Exterior – you can create an exterior view of your event space, a place where attendees can view videos or learn more about the program before logging into the virtual program.
  • Device Foyer – this space is used simply to load up the attendee’s AIRTouch Device. The AIRTouch device is like a mobile phone or tablet that provides an accessible tool for navigation, agenda, and other services associated with your program.
  • Lobby – just like a real-world meeting space, the lobby is where your attendees first arrive at once they are logged into your program. The lobby services as the central hub where they can view information about the day’s program, access services such as Live Support or Meeting Hub, and access the Auditorium Lobby or Exhibition Hall.
  • Auditorium Lobby – the Auditorium Lobby is where your attendees can view and join the day's sessions and functions. 
  • Auditorium – You can create a custom Auditorium scene where your attendees view session presentations, ask questions, engage in Discussion Forums and more, exactly like they would in your traditional 2D version of OnAIR. 
  • Breakout Rooms – part of AIRCast Studio, breakout rooms can be enabled to allow your attendees to gather in small groups and engage in video conversations with each other. Like every other scene in 3D Mode, you are able to create a realistic 3D scene for this aspect of your sessions.
  • Function Scenes – at a live program, networking functions can occur in many different spaces. A meeting space, a restaurant or bar, a poolside or beach side venue, and more. 3D Mode lets you create fun environments to match any format of networking function you may need.
  • Poster Sessions – another area of OnAIR is Poster Presentations, where you can have multiple presenters making short presentations to small groups of attendees. You can create a Poster Presentations Lobby scene and a Poster Presentation scene that provide a realistic environment for these small presentations.
  • Virtual Exhibition Hall – 3D Mode provides a fun way to showcase your virtual exhibitors with the Virtual Exhibition Hall. Here, your attendees can casually scroll through your Exhibition Stands or search for a specific exhibitor. The Virtual Exhibition Hall displays a scrolling background that adds to the realistic feel of walking along a row of Exhibition Stands.
  • Exhibition Stands – like a live exhibition, exhibitors are focused on connecting with attendees. Each Stand represents the unique messaging and content for each exhibitor, and in 3D Mode, you are able to create standard or customized Stands for your exhibitors. Using 3D Mode, you can also provide access to the 3D Builder, allowing each exhibitor to further customize their Stands, select different Stands, or even create their own custom Stand and upload it into your virtual program.
  • Exhibition Presentation Room – exhibitors can optionally be allowed to schedule presentations directly at their Stands, and you can create a realistic environment for these smaller meetings.
  • Custom Rooms – You are able to create Custom Scenes for any type of special experience. It could be an art gallery, a meditation garden or any other space to give your attendees a unique and custom space for your event programming.

For more information check out the 3D Mode whitepapers in the OnAIR Resource Gallery.