Function Table Allocation

This Express Action lets you allocate table and seating assignments for functions (meals, awards ceremonies, etc).  

Table Plan Layout

Based on the Table Plan Layout(s) you created when setting up the Functions Module, you can:

  • Use the Select Function drop-down list to choose the relevant table plan. 
  • Use the Show Seat Numbers check box to display seat numbers for each table on the layout.
  • Use the Table Filter to locate a specific table and seat.

Attendee Allocation

On the right side of the screen is the Attendee Allocation view. This is where you can see attendees who've registered for this particular function. Options include:

  • Search - search for all attendees registered for the specific function.
  • Search Filter - filter for a specific subset (like a region, chapter or special registration group; helpful if you want people to sit together).
  • Allocate - in the unallocated view, you can choose attendees to place at tables. Pressing Allocate will assign the chosen attendees to tables and seats.
  • Unallocate - in the allocated view, you can choose attendees to remove from tables, and selecting Unallocate will remove the selected attendees.
  • Randomize - available only in the Unallocated view, Randomize will sort the list of attendees into a random order.

Drag and Drop

You don't have to use the automated allocation function. You can also select one or more attendees on the right side and drag & drop the attendees onto specific tables and seats. In this case, you'll see colors based on what you set in Preferences when setting up the Functions module for:

  • Available Seats 
  • Allocated Seats
  • Blocked Seats
  • Highlighted Seats - these only appear in the Table Allocation plan when you're trying to change someone's existing allocation / manually allocate one person's seat.