General Attendee Management Apps/Portals

There are some general attendee management apps & portals in this category:
* Event Info Site
* Function Table Allocation App
* Photo Review App
* Hotel Room Availability App - this may also be used as part of group management

There's also a separate sub-category below for apps/portals used for Group Management.


Event Info Site App
  The Event Info Site App is a way to create a basic information site that can add live data for Agendas, Accommodation, Speakers, Exhibitors, Sponsors and more.  You can also add custom content pages t...
Function Table Allocation App
The Function Table Allocation App makes it simple to see, manage, and change seating for functions at your event, either weeks beforehand or while onsite during the function.  As part of your function set ...
Photo Review App
The Photo Review App lets you quickly review, edit and/or update attendee profile photos.  This app gives event organizers and assigned staff a structured workflow for reviewing submitted images, accepting/requ...
Hotel Room Availability App
The Hotel Room Availability App allows you to easily see room availability across multiple hotels (based on different search criteria), and then email the information to interested groups of attendees or group organizers. T...