Group Management Apps/Portals

For more information about managing groups, read this guide.
While you may use other apps/portals as part of group management, the main group-related apps/portals are below:
* Group Registration App
* Group Accommodation Portal
* Group Allocation Portal


Group Registration App
The Group Registration App offers an easy way for groups to register for your event. Group Contacts can manage their group's registrations, adding and removing registrations as required, and pay for all items or select who is paying for...
Group Accommodation Portal
The Group Accommodation Portal allows group leaders [Group Contacts] to manage and register group accommodation bookings. They can see their hotel room block (either by allocated rooms, or available rooms), manage group members' accommoda...
Group Allocation Portal
The Group Allocation Portal allows Group Contacts to manage their group inventory and register additional members. The Group Allocation Portal lets a Group Contact: See group inventories for Registrations, Functions, ...