Advanced Setup - Custom Fields

EventsAir lets you create Custom Field Tabs and Custom Fields for inclusion in any module in the system. Custom Fields are extremely useful when your specific event requires the collection of unique data. 

Custom Field Tabs

Custom Field Tabs are used to control how and where your data is located within EventsAir. For example, you wish to collect Passport Details and Company Background details with custom Marketing information. You would create two custom tabs:

  • Passport Details
  • Company Background

When you are creating Custom Field Tabs, simply select the Create Custom Field Tab button and you can choose the module and the Tab name.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields are fields you create to collect unique information that is not normally collected in EventsAir. There is no limit to the number of Custom Fields you can create.

To create a Custom Field, you have these options:

  • Module - select the EventsAir module you want to add the custom field to.
  • Add Custom Field - select this button to create your custom field.
  • Name - enter the Name of the custom field.
  • Type - select the type of data you wish to collect. Your options include:
    • Text
    • Checkbox
    • Number
    • Amount
    • Date
    • Tag
    • Document
  • Sort Order - enter the sort number here. Items with smaller numbers will appear higher on the list than ones with larger numbers.
  • Mandatory - lets you require user entry on this Custom Field.

Identifying Fields that Contain Personal Data

EventsAir, being an event management platform, has many fields that contain personal data. For purposes of managing data privacy of its attendees, fields containing personally identifiable data in the Contact record are recognized as private by default (i.e. name, email, photo, address, phone, social media, IP Address).

Beyond that, many additional fields in EventsAir have the potential of containing personal data. These fields include:

  • Contact User Defined Fields
  • Note Types
  • Marketing Tags
  • Custom Fields

It is important for event managers to review any additional fields that they have created and marking those fields as containing personal data. This is used by EventsAir to identify these fields for reporting to attendees, and when anonymizing or deleting a contact record for data privacy reasons.