What's New in OnAIR Version 4

OnAIR Version 4.0

OnAIR Version 4.0 is being release in the next few days, and includes security and performance improvements as well as several exciting new features. 

OnAIR Version 4.0 Overview Video

Meeting Hub Group Calls

Virtual attendees are now able to create video calls for groups up to six participants.

Once a video call is created, you can search for attendees and invite them to join the call.

This feature requires AIRCast to be enabled for your event.

Invite Guests and Attendees to Exhibitor Meetings

Both Exhibitors and Attendees are now able to invite both event attendees as well as external guests to an Exhibitor video meeting.

Once an Exhibitor video meeting has started, you can simply choose either Invite Guest or Invite Attendee.

Selecting Invite Guest works like it does in AIRCast Studio, where you enter the name and email address of your invited external guest. You then choose to enable screen sharing, and then generate a join link.

This one time link is good for 15 minutes and brings your invited guest directly into your meeting.

When you invite one or multiple attendees, you can edit the default invite message, and they will be able to join the meeting if they wish.

This functionality has an upper limit of 40 participants and requires AIRCast to be enabled for your event.

Enhancements to AIRCast Studio

A number of enhancements have been made to AIRCast Studio to better streamline its operation by hosts, alternate hosts and presenters. Some of these enhancements include:

Whisper Mode 

This mode, when selected, lets Hosts and Alternate Hosts speak directly to presenters that have been brought onto the Main Stage without being heard by attendees.

Main Stage Layouts 

All layouts are now displayed alongside presenters in the Preview Pane, and only display when available to the selected presenters or media.

Number of Streams Display 

You can now see, at the top of the Preview Panel, the number of streams (out of a total available number of 9) you have currently brought onto the Main Stage. Six streams is optimal for bandwidth and nine is the maximum.

Other General Enhancements 

A number of small enhancements have been made to help AIRCast Studio hosts such as some small wording changes and dialog boxes with additional information.

Additional Enhancements Included in OnAIR Version 4.0

Additional functionality included in this release are:

Meeting Hub Update

Attendees can now request messages, chats and calls with other attendees without first requesting a connection. During these messages, calls or chats, attendees can choose to connect with the other attendee. This alternate Meeting Hub format will be the default setting, but can be turned on in OnAIR portal settings.

OnAIR Live Video Call Check

Whenever your attendees first log into OnAIR, after their camera and microphone check is complete, an additional check is completed to ensure attendees will be able to participate in live video activities such as functions, video calls, break out rooms and exhibitor meetings. This check will indicate their network quality and if they have any network restrictions.

Security Enhancements

As part of our commitment to providing the most secure virtual platform available, we are continuously testing, auditing and making sure OnAIR meets and exceeds the most stringent security standards in the industry. We have recently had an external security audit and penetration test. As a result, there are a number of additional improvements we are adopting.

EventsAir Web Version

The Desktop version of EventsAir is planned to be retired by March 2021. This latest version of EventsAir has addressed many of the browser compatibility issues that might have forced you to continue using the Desktop version. We will continue support of the Desktop version until March 2021, however, we would highly recommend you plan your transition to the Browser version well before March 2021, if you have not already moved. If you discover any ongoing Browser compatibility issues, please report these to our customer service team and we will rectify them.