What's New in EventsAir 12.0

EventsAir Version 12.0 Release Video

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) works by adding an additional layer of security to your environment before EventsAir users can log into the platform.

Upon initial login and entry of their user name and password, the two-factor authentication process sends a code to either the users phone as a text message or to the users email address. Optionally, you can configure EventsAir to let the user choose which format they wish to use.

When the user receives the access code, they will enter it on their login screen and gain entry to the full EventsAir platform.

Updates to Live Polls and Live Q&A

Presenters and event producers have additional options when using Live Polling and Live Q&A in both OnAIR and the Attendee App.In Session Setup, you can now filter which attendee types are able to answer live polls and submit questions via the Live Q&A.

This is a useful way to either allow or restrict a specific sub-set of attendees, staff, exhibitors or presenters from responding to polls or submitting questions. Additionally, you are now able to export all live poll results from each session that polls have been presented and have received responses.

Windows App Retirement

The release of EventsAir Version 12 marks the retirement of the Windows App version of EventsAir. If you are still using the Windows App version of EventsAir, we encourage you to start using the Browser version as this will be the only platform available starting in April 2022.

Additional Enhancements in EventsAir 12

HTML Details for Event Calendar - The Event Calendar component has been updated to provide a HTML editor for the body/details of the calendar entry. This also includes the ability to provide links and Auto Login tokens within the body of the calendar entry. This applies to the Event Calendar component in a Thank You Page component in Interactive Sites and the Event Calendar component in Merge Docs.

Enhanced Accessibility Functionality - The EventsAir team has a continual commitment to providing accessibility options to EventsAir. In Version 12, we've enhanced accessibility options in Interactive Sites including expanded screen reader compatibility.