Discount Codes (various modules - setup)

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In EventsAir, you can easily offer discount codes for registration, functions, accommodation, memberships, and CE Courses. You can send these out via email, social media, or another method, and attendees are prompted to enter a code during the registration or booking process.

  • You can put limits on how many discount codes can be used and when.
  • You can also set up an alert for each time a discount is used, and/or if that particular discount code has almost reached the limit amount. 

Discount codes can be used as incentives to encourage people to register or book early. You can also provide student discounts, group discounts etc.

To prompt someone to enter a discount code when booking or registering, you add these features while building the registration site or portal.

You can tick “Allow Discount Code" (which means the option to enter a discount code option will appear, if other conditions such as correct dates are satisfied, but it won't be a mandatory field).

If you also tick "Discount Code Required", the registration or booking can't proceed any further until the discount code has been entered.

Creating a Discount Code

Within the module, choose + next to Discount Code (example below is from Registrations)

Basic details – all modules

When creating a Discount Code, regardless of which module it’s in, you’ll need to define the following:


Your name for this code (e.g. VIP Discount)

Discount Code

The actual code, such as 50PERCENT or EXPOCOMP
 NB will be in all capitals and can’t include spaces.
 You may want to name your codes carefully, especially if you’re setting alerts, so that you know which one’s which in different modules.

Online Description

This will appear after the code’s been entered (so it can be both a description and confirmation, such as “This code gives you a 10% discount”.

Discount type - various modules

Discount type - Registration module:

Set Amount Off Registration Fee - a fixed amount
Percentage Off Registration Fee - a percentage discount

Discount type – Functions module:

Set Amount Off Function Fee Type – a fixed amount
Set Percentage Off Function Fee Type – a percentage discount

Discount type – Accommodation module:

  • Percentage Off - A percentage discount (off the whole accommodation booking).  
  • Set Amount Off Entire Accommodation - A fixed dollar - or other currency - amount (off the whole booking).
  • Set Amount Off Room Booking – A fixed dollar - or other currency - amount discount (off this room-type booking).
  • Set Amount Off Per Night Booking - A fixed dollar - or other currency - amount off per night (even across different room types).

Discount type – Membership module:

Set Amount off Membership Fee – a fixed amount
Percentage off Membership Fee – a percentage amount
 (These discounts can also be used for other fee types in the membership module such as merchandise items)  

Discount type – CE Courses module:

Set Amount off Course Fee – a fixed amount
Percentage off Course Fee – a percentage amount

Available dates – all modules:

Available From and Available To – within this date range, the discount code will appear on your registration site (wherever you’ve enabled it).  

If you don’t set any dates, there are no limits on when the code is used.

[For Function Fee Types, however, you also have the option to restrict the visible dates on the registration site.]

Group rules – Registration & Membership modules only:

In the Registration and Memberships modules, you also need to define the Online Group Registration Rules for each discount code:

If this discount code isn’t available to groups, tick the box for “Do not apply to groups”.

The other option is “Apply to every group member”.
You can tweak this further by enabling “Only available to Group Registrations when the Group Size is:” and then specifying a minimum and maximum group size for this discount code (for example, 10 to 20 attendees/members).

For group registrations, this is further customizable. In the Group Module/Group Options on your interactive site, you can use “Discount Mode” and “Apply per person” to allocate the discount to a particular registrants, depending on the order of registration. You can also use these settings to allow discounts based on particular group sizes. You should make sure these match what you've set when creating the discount code. 

Other details – all modules


Unlimited or Limited to – you can cap how many times each discount code can be used. 

If you select Limited to, you also have the option to set an alert when the remaining number of this discount code drops below a certain percentage, and an urgency level for the alert.

Applies to:

You can restrict who has access to this discount code, in a similar way for each module, i.e.:

Registration module: either All Registration Types or Restricted To (then select registration types for this discount code).

Functions module: either All Function Fee Types or Restricted To (then select function fee types for this discount code).

Accommodation module: Restrictions aren’t set in the Discount Code section; instead you add Discount Codes to hotel room types on the registration site. (And/or use page logic or component logic to restrict visibility.)

Membership module: either All Categories or Restricted to Fee Type (then select a Membership Fee Type).

CE Courses module: either All Course Fee Types or Restricted to [then select Course(s) and Fee Type(s) this discount code can be applied to.]

Unavailable message:

Enter a default message if discount isn’t available (either all the codes have been used or it’s limited to certain dates).

Alert when this discount code is used:

For any modules where discount codes are available, you can create an optional alert, to be sent whenever this discount code is used (during whichever module it applies to, such as registration, accommodation booking, course selection, etc). 

You also set the importance level for the alert.