Continuing Education & Membership Portals

There are three portals used to manage membership and/or Continuing Education (CE).
*The Member Portal
* The CE Instructor Portal and the CE Portal
You may want to refer to this article about membership contact store events and this category covering setup of Continuing Education .


Member Portal
The Member Portal allows people to purchase and manage their memberships, including joining, canceling and renewing, and enroling for courses. They can see upcoming events and have access to any exclusive members-only content you've c...
CE Instructor Portal
  The Continuing Education Instructor Portal allows instructors to easily view all of their courses, past and present. Also available are bulk email functions, bulk updating of course attendee details and results, and creation of re...
CE Portal
The Continuing Education Portal allows an attendee to find and book courses they are interested in attending, review past courses and credits earned, and update their contact details. Setting up the CE Portal App Content Tab Chan...