Hotel Portal

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The Hotel Portal provides an easy way for your partner hotels to manage, approve, and take payments for pending bookings.

The Hotel Portal allows your partner hotels to export Rooming List information from your live data at any time, without you having to lift a finger! With the option to automatically update the Booking Status of each attendee exported, you'll always have a complete picture of the accommodation details of all your attendees.

Setting up the Hotel Portal


As for all apps/portals, you need to set up a name, Alias (URL), brand, live dates, and messaging for before and after the app is live. Read this article for more information. 


  • Display Phone - include each Attendee's phone number in the exported Excel Worksheet
  • Display Email - include each Attendee's email address in the exported Excel Worksheet


Changing the wording in the app/portal

Changes made to the default language in Application Settings will affect all events. However, you can still make unique local changes for each portal in each event in the Portal Setup. Read more about Localization.

Content Tab

  • Home Page Content - this is the first page the Hotel staff will see after signing in. You can edit the heading, navigation button, and the opening page text
  • Hotel Details- this section allows your hotel vendors to add, edit or update details about their property. Items you can configure include:
    • Navigation Button Text
    • Page Heading
    • Hotel Details Page Opening Text
    • Allow hotels to update address - check this box to enable this option
    • Allow hotels to upload hotel and room photos - check this box to enable this option
    • Allow hotels to edit room type descriptions - check this box to enable this option
  • View Allocations - this section of the Hotel Portal allows your hotel vendors to view the accommodation matrix for their specific property. Simply check the Enable View Allocations checkbox to enable this function. You can also set the Navigation Button, Heading, and page text.
  • Guest Details - this is the primary area where your hotel vendor can view and manage attendees in the hotel rooming list. You can edit the navigation button, page heading, opening text, and enable display amount on this page.
  • Guest Export Additional Fields - choose which custom fields you would like included in the hotel export of guests.
  • Reports - choose which reports you wish this specific hotel vendor to view. You can create as many reports as you wish. You can also edit the navigation button, heading and opening page text.
  • Help Page Content - any extra information to help the Hotel use your Hotel Portal should be included here.

Users Tab

In this tab, you set up who's allowed to access the app or portal. To add a new user, click the plus sign next to App Users, and complete the fields below. When you've finished adding users, press Save.

Note: You must set up Users here before anyone can use this app or portal. 

Click on App Users to create a new user, then fill in the following:

  • Email Address
  • Password
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Organization
  • User Type - Basic or Hotel. When set to hotel, the Hotel field appears to select a single hotel. (You should only use Hotel for this portal. Basic user type does not apply to this portal.)
  • Hotel - should select which hotel(s) the user has access to. They'll only be able to see attendees staying at the hotel selected. If this user manages more than one hotel, you can choose multiple hotels here. This is required for access to this portal.
  • Is Disabled - check this to disable the account, so the user cannot sign in
  • Last Logon - shows the date and time this user last signed in

Using the Hotel Portal App

Once given the Hotel Portal URL (or QR Code), a hotel staff member can sign in using their email address and portal password.

Home Page

The home page can display a welcome message, and any other basic information required.

Hotel Details Page

Provides a complete description of the hotel and hotel rooms, as entered in EventsAir and made public to all attendees. If enabled, your hotel vendor will be able to create or edit the content for hotel descriptions, room descriptions and images.

View Allocations Page

If enabled, your hotel vendor can see the entire room block allocation for their hotel. They can filter the view for allocated or unallocated rooms.

Guest Details Page

Here your hotel vendor will filter the data to select only the attendee bookings they want to view, then flag these as confirmed. They can also export this data to Excel.

  • They should enter the criteria in the filter:
  • Booking Status - Your hotel vendor must select at least one of the following:
  • New Booking
  • Amended Booking
  • Confirmed Booking
  • Cancelation
  • Confirmed Cancelation
  • Guest Name - entering a guest's first or last name (or just a portion of it) will find all matching guests (e.g. "Ham" will find "Mrs Wendy Hamilton".)
  • Room Type - narrows the search to include only one room type
  • Check In - only finds guests checking in on this day
  • Check Out - only finds guests checking out on this day
  • The Display button shows a list of results. The message "No bookings match your filter", means the search criteria should be widened. At least one Booking Status must be selected.
  • Clicking the checkboxes next to each row allows selection of individual attendees. Clicking the checkbox at the top will select them all. Then either of the below can be selected:
  • Confirm Selected Bookings - updates the Booking Status of all selected attendees to "Confirmed" in EventsAir
  • Confirm and Export Selected Bookings - updates the Booking Status in EventsAir, and also exports selected data to an Excel Worksheet, including extra data such as Sharing With, Special Requests, and Booking Notes.

The hotel vendor can see the Attendee's Credit Card details by:

  • Clicking on an attendee name
  • Clicking the Retrieve Credit Card Details button. PCI Compliance requires the user to Sign In again (enter email and password, and press Sign In).
  • The full Credit Card Number and CCV will be retrieved from the Credit Card Vault, and displayed.
Note: Exporting of attendee credit card details must be done individually. For PCI compliance (security) reasons, it's not possible to bulk export a list of card details.

The hotel vendor can see the Notification History for an attendee by:

  • Clicking on an attendee name
  • Clicking the Show Notifications button

Reports Page

If you have enabled Reports, all reports you've selected can be seen by your hotel vendor.

Help Page

Any extra information to help the hotel staff use the Hotel Portal should be included here.