Group Registration App

The Group Registration App offers an easy way for groups to register for your event. Group Contacts can manage their group's registrations, adding and removing registrations as required, and pay for all items or select who is paying for each item.

Setting up the Group Registration App


As for all apps/portals, you need to set up a name, Alias (URL), brand, live dates, and messaging for before and after the app is live. Read this article for more information. 


  • Group Coordinator Interactive Form - this Interactive Site will be used to register the first group member - the Group Coordinator. You can use your regular Registration site, or create a special site with extra options for this person - do you need to ask this person for extra information, or perhaps record a Marketing Tag against their contact info?
  • Registration Form - the Interactive Site used to register new group members directly from the portal.
  • Individual Payment Form - the Interactive Site used to pay for a single Group member.
  • Group Payment Form - the Interactive Site used to pay for everyone in the Group.
  • Registration Link Email Content - Group members can be emailed a link to complete their registration. Use the HTML Editor here to write the contents of this email. You do not need to include the registration link here - it will be added automatically to the end of your message when the email is sent.
  • Registration Option Form 1-3 - you can include 3 separate registration sites here. This lets a Group Coordinator register different types of attendees (e.g. Full Registration, Daily Registration, Accompanying Person Registration, or perhaps a lengthy registration that records a lot of Marketing information) and still treat them as a group.
  • Registration Option Form 1-3 Button Description - each of the 3 Registration sites can have a different button label, entered here.
  • Display Photo - display the Group member photos in the portal.
  • Resend Confirmation Merge Document - when emailing the link to the Registration Site to attendees, use this custom Merge Doc.
  • Only Allow Existing Group Coordinator to Sign In - check this box to only allow Group Coordinators you have already entered into EventsAir. Leave it unchecked to allow anyone to register themselves as a Group Coordinator through the portal.
  • Do not allow cancel registration after this date - once the selected date has passed, the user will not be allowed to cancel their registration.
  • Reports - select the Reports you want the Group Coordinator to be able to run through the portal.


Changing the wording in the app/portal

Changes made to the default language in Application Settings will affect all events. However, you can still make unique local changes for each portal in each event in the Portal Setup. Read more about Localization.


For each of the pages below, you can use the HTML Editor to define your own content.

  • Navigation
  • Sign In Page
  • Home Page
  • Group Coordinator Page
  • Group Page
  • Invoice And Payment Page
  • Resend Confirmation Page
  • Reports Page

Using the Group Registration App


The Group Contact can read any special instructions from the event organizer.

Group Coordinator Details

Name and contact details of the Group Coordinator.  Selecting the Edit Group Coordinator button allows the Group Contact to change any of these details.

Group Details

This page displays all members of the group, and gives the following options for each one:

  • Register - continue to the Registration Interactive Site [set up in Registration Form when creating the app], to register this Contact.
  • Email Registration Link - send a link to the contact so they can fill in the Registration Form themselves.
  • Remove Contact - remove this Contact from the group.

The following buttons are also visible on this page:

  • Add Registration - creates a new group member (requires basic contact details, then selecting 'Register" to continue to the interactive registration site.
  • Import Contacts - allows upload of a file of Contact details, either exported from another software package, or created manually.
  • Download Template - allows download of an empty Template file suitable for filling with contact details, then importing into this Group with the Import Contacts button.

Invoice and Payment

All Group members (Attendees) who have money owing on their registration will be visible here. The Group Payment button will allow the Group Contact to pay for all monies owing together in a single payment, or Individual Payment can be used, to pay for selected registrants.

Also visible is a list of all Invoices generated, and View Invoice will show each one.

Resend Confirmation

By ticking the checkbox next to any Group member(s), the Group Contact can re-send a confirmation. To see what this confirmation will look like before sending, they can use the View Confirmation button.

An email address can also be added to the CC Email field, to also send a copy of these emails to another person.


Any reports enabled in the App setup will be available here. Group Contacts can produce up-to-the-minute lists from the live database.