Notes module (setup) - note types

Setting up Note types 

Notes help you keep track of important interactions and information and ensure your team can also easily access this information. You can read more about adding Notes to an attendee record here. Before you can use Notes you need to set up the Notes module in your event (in the Setup Panel).

  1. Go to Set Up Panel
  2. Select the Notes module
  3. Use the plus symbol to add a new Note type. Some examples are: General Notes, Special Requirements (items requested that can't be recorded in standard fields of the attendee record), Exhibitor/Speaker Packet Sent (you can record when this happens); VIP Details (favorite foods and beverages, travel preferences etc). This is not a complete list - you can create whatever type of note categories that your event or meeting management process requires.
  4. Tick the "Contains Personal Data" box if the Note Type will include Personal Data.

Identifying Fields that Contain Personal Data

EventsAir, being an event management platform, has many fields that contain personal data. For purposes of managing data privacy of its attendees, fields containing personally identifiable data in the Contact record are recognized as private by default (i.e. name, email, photo, address, phone, social media, IP Address).

Beyond that, many additional fields in EventsAir have the potential of containing personal data. These fields include:

  • Contact User Defined Fields
  • Note Types
  • Marketing Tags
  • Custom Fields

It is important for event managers to review any additional fields that they have created, and marking those fields as containing personal data. This is used by EventsAir to identify these fields for reporting to attendees, and when anonymizing or deleting a contact record for data privacy reasons.