Create an interactive (registration) site

Interactive (registration) sites make it easy for attendees to register, and easy for you to capture information and manage inventory.

 You can use Form Logic to direct attendees and collect specific information, according to the parameters you set up. (For example, if an attendee registers for the first day only, the form will skip questions regarding activities on subsequent days).

Interactive Sites are easy to set up, and you can host them on one of our predefined URLs, or use your own URL. The site allows you to collect unlimited information, and you can easily customize it to match your organization's branding.

Before you start

Before you build your Interactive site, you need to have a plan in place for what your site will look like. You will want to think about and set up a few things before you get started. 

  • Make sure all your modules are set up before starting to build your Interactive Site.
  • Set up your Brand in the EventsAir Brand Editor.
  • Know what type of communications you wish to send, and what you want to say in those communications.
  • If you are accepting payments online, make sure your Payment Types are correctly defined in System Setup-Financial.
  • You should have already set up your credit card gateway to work with the EventsAir Credit Card Gateway Connection.
  • You should be familiar with the basic functions of the EventsAir Builder. Click here to learn more about the Builder tool.

Learn more by reading this detailed article about interactive (registration) sites.