Creating Interactive Workshops

Interactive Workshops

Interactive Workshops are like sessions except that all participants can speak and share screens with all other participants. This is like a Zoom meeting where all participants can interact with each other.

Setting Up an Interactive Workshop

  1. Create your new session in EventsAir.
  2. Open the OnAIR Tab.
  3. Enable Live Streaming.
  4. Select the Live Stream Access you want to assign for this session.
  5. Choose Interactive Workshop for Delivery Mode.
  6. Select your Pre-Opening Option.
  7. If required, choose to disable automatic session end (this affects the rest of your schedule)
  8. If desired, you can choose to make a pre-recorded video available to attendees in the OnAIR Portal.

If you enable this option, you will also need to select the video platform and the specific video ID for your pre-recorded video.

  1. Choose the Live Streaming Platform you want to assign to this Interactive Session. 
  2. Select Save to save your settings.