What's New in the October 2020 OnAIR Feature Pack

OnAIR October 2020 Feature Pack 

October 2020 Preview Video

Resource Gallery

 OnAIR now offers a flexible and powerful Resource Gallery where you can provide your attendees access to:

  • Poster Gallery
  • Presenter Gallery
  • Exhibitor Brochure Gallery
  • On-Demand Session Gallery

All galleries are housed in the same gallery view, with collapsible sections for each gallery that you choose to include in OnAIR.

The Presenter Gallery is similar to the Poster Gallery, and displays information about each presentation along selected videos or documents that can be viewed and accessed as needed.

The Exhibitor Brochure Gallery displays information about each virtual exhibitor along with any brochures and videos they have uploaded as part of their virtual stand.

The On-Demand Session Gallery is a powerful option that organizes and displays all of your On-Demand sessions. These sessions will continue to show in the timeline if you include a time and date; otherwise, they will only show in the On-Demand Session Gallery.

The new galleries include a standard and advanced search, including a new Brochure Category search that you can define in the Exhibition Setup section..

You will access all four galleries from the same widget that appears on the right side of the timeline. You are able to name this widget any name that you wish.

New Live Streaming Platforms

OnAIR now works with Metafusion and Webcast Cloud, both of which can power a Live Stream  connection for your sessions. These live stream options join  YouTube or Vimeo as options that can you can create a Live Stream Connection to be used in a session Live Broadcast.

New Analytic Dashboard Reports and Exports

New reports and data exports are now available in the Analytics Dashboard. New reports you can access include the following:

Brochure Reports

These reports provide contact and brochure specific data for all attendees visiting the Exhibitor Gallery.

  • Brochure Gallery – Visited
  • Brochure Gallery – Viewed Brochure
  • Brochure Gallery – Viewed Video
  • Brochure Gallery – Visited URL

Sponsor Banner Report

You can now view and download a report detailing sponsor banner clicks. This reports includes contact details for each attendee click on a sponsor banner.

New Analytic Reports and Exports

You can now view and export the following data from the Analytics Dashboard:

  • AIRCast Engagement - displays and exports a detailed breakdown of AIRCast hours used throughout your OnAIR event. This report help you calculate your AIRCast fees for each area of your event.
  • Export Analytics -  This new export option will email you a comprehensive export of all your event's analytic data.

Additional Enhancements Included in the October 2020 Feature Pack

The following functionality is included in the October 2020 Feature Pack:

Multiple Camera Feeds

When using AIRCast Studio, hosts can now add multiple camera feeds via the Media Widget. This is useful if you are an AV production house and you are managing hybrid events where you have presenters and media being mixed from several sources.

A good example of this would be if you are capturing a live presentation that you plan to stream online. Your AV team many have a front camera and a side view camera, and this option lets you capture multiple camera feeds for the same presentation.

Ability to Select Cameras and Microphones

In additional to reviewing and selecting your audio and video in the Settings Function in AIRCast Studio, you are now automatically provided these options when you first select the Present option.

Starting and Ending Countdown Timer

Hosts and presenters will see a starting and ending numeric countdown display in large numerals across the Main Stage. This provides an easy-to-see countdown display that makes it very easy and clear to know when a session is about to begin or about to end.